Google+ 8.8 APK to Download For Android 4+ Users
Good news for Android 4+ users, Google has launched a new update of the Google+ app with some new features and enhancements. Know more everything in detail at below.

Gmail v6.9.11 APK to Download: For Android 4+ Devices

Android is getting so many app updates daily. As Google is trying to improve the quality and stability of its play family apps.
Google maps v9.38 APK Update With New Tab for Places: APK Available to Download
Google has released the latest update of its Maps app for Android users. Find out the full change-log about the update at below.
Google App v6.5.31 APK to Download: Beta Update by Google for All Android Users

It's seems like Google is in planning for something very big this time. Recently, I found the leaked images and APK file of Google Pixel Launcher. I found some major changes in design and layout in this update.
Pixel Launcher Sneak Peek, New Home Button & Round icons Leaked: Download APK Now
You will surely download the Google Pixel launcher on your phone after checking this leaked screenshot of new home buttons. Yes, real photos of Pixel and Pixel XL has been leaked. You will get the brief idea about the new design with this leak.
Google Released Inbox v1.31 APK Update With Trello and GitHub Project Update
Download the latest update of Google Inbox Android app from here. Here is the full hands-on and review of Google Inbox of Gmail v1. 31 APK update. Know everything in detail at below.