Official Pixel Apk For Android: Download it to Get all new Exciting Features

Pixel Launcher APK is now available for all to download. Here is the full details about the update, and compatible devices. Find your phone and download the APK file for your device.

Google App v6.7.13 Beta Apk to Download: Google added Lite Mode for Data Constrained regions

Google search app beta version got the new update with some new features for Android users. Google has launched the beta program live for all Android users to test the new features with live audience support, you can also be the part of the beta team.

Google Play Services v9.8.77 Apk to Download For all Android Devices
Google Play Services got the new update for all Android 2.3+ users. As we all know that Google Play services is the most important app for the Android devices. So, must download this update. Before, that know what's new in this update.

Download Google+ Apk Update: Get the Improved Google+ Notifications Design
Google has released the new notification design for Google+ Android app. Here I got the screenshots and all features details of this update, Also know how to get this new notification layout.

Google Clock v4.6 APK to Download: Checkout New UI and New Shortcuts

The Google clock Android app got the new update today with some new features. The app got some advanced features for Android users with this update. Know all the details in this update at below.

Google Maps v9.39 APK to Download with new Futurastic Features
Google Maps search app got new update today with some new advanced features for Android users. Google Maps is the most popular Mobile Maps app. Google launcher new cool update of the app know everything in detail about this update here.