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Google Translation Got new Eight Languages Support

Google added new eight languages to translation app. Which include Indonesian and other major languages. Do find the all the details of this update below.

Google started improving the translation app with new language integration and other improvements. Google is breaking the language barriers and added Indonesian and other eight languages, do find the full list of new languages below.

As Chrome browser comes with built in translation functions, which helps you to translate the web pages in your default language. We all use it on a fairly regular basis to translate the web pages and other language text while traveling or while browsing. Now we have 9 new language set that feature improved translation to and from English. So there are no more language barriers now.

Go through the below link to download the latest Translator version

Google Translator APK
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Gboard, Keyboard v6.2 Apk to Download With New Emoji Suggestions and Quick Translation option

The Gboard is one of the most popular Keyboard app in Play Family. The app got the one more update with minor feature improvements and bug fixes. Nothing new we found in the update.

Below are the official change-log of this update from APKMIrror.

• Emoji Suggestions
• Seamless Voice Typing: Easily switch between typing and speaking in the keyboard
• Google Translate: Translate as you type

• GIF suggestions (in supporting apps)
• Web, Emoji, GIF search available in RTL languages
• More themes
• New language support: Bengali, Bashkir, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Telugu
• Bug fixes

New Emoji Suggestions option we found new else, Above changes we already got in the previous version of the app. Today's update have some minor improvements in all above features.

Quick Emoji Suggestion is a very unique idea. The app will suggest you the Emoji related the words which you are typing.

We are still researching on this update, to find out the actual changes of this update. I will update this…

YouTube V12.15 Apk Update with Tube Bug Fix: Apk to Download [Quick Post]

YouTube got the bug fixes for all the Android 4+ users. Do find the all details like of this update.

What's New? Change-log
New Video Screen DesignTube bug fixesAll other bug fixesAbove change-log, we found from APKMirror.

The new attractive design has easy navigation and handy shortcuts of all features. Today's update have the most awaited bug fix. "The Tube bug".

The tubes that bring you videos in YouTube App, have been fixed by the developers. You will never face that issue again.

As per the APKmirror Change-log, the developers also fixed some other bugs in this update.

Keep in touch with us, we will keep this post updated with other changes.

You can Download the APK File from below link

YouTube v12.15 APK

Google Maps Updated v9.51: New version has Details about Parking and Parking Suggestions

Google Maps got the new update with some major improvements in parking feature. More details added about parking in the app. Do find the all details below about the new update.

Note: It's Beta update, you have to be a part of the Beta tester team to install this update.

Below are the official change-log of this update.

Google added the most awaited features in the maps app. Today's update have lots of improvement in the parking section. The developers added indicators to show if there is on-site parking, it will also give you the information to know whether it's free or paid.
Free / Paid indicator for parking on detail pagesDestinations now show if there is on-site parkingChange your route to nearby parking
Above change-logs, we found from the APKMirror which is most reputed APK review website.

Let's explore the new features.

New Parking Indicators : Today's update have cool new indicator feature which will inform drivers about the parking situation before getting …

Google Play Services v10.5.02 APK Update to Download with New API Changes

The Google Play Services app got the new update with some major API changes for all Android 4+ devices. Do find the full details of this update in this post below.

What's New? Change-log?

Maps API ChangesSecurity UpdatesCamera API ChangesAndroid Pay Security Improvements Above change-log I found from APKMirror and APKMAD. Both are the reputed APK review sites. We are still doing research on this update to find the other changes of this update.

We will keep this post updated with new changes.

Click on the below link to download the APK File of this update.

Google Play Services v10.5.02 APK

Android Snooping App Update Got Bug Fixes, Improved Performance, and More [APK Download]

Xnspy got the recent update in January 2017 with some improvements for Android users. The Android snooping app already had the capacity to provide access to the text messages, Gmail, GPS location of the device and other features. Now, with improvements, it can export the data in CSV format. This allows users to get a concise report on various activities. Know all the improvements in the details below.

What's New in this Android snooping app?

·Summary Presentation

The presentation of the summary on the dashboard has improved. Now, at the top right of the screen, the first thing you see is a summary of the device information. You can tell how much battery life is remaining if the Wi-Fi connection and location tracker is on. Next to it, as it was before, you can see the summary of your subscription. You can tell what device are monitoring, the package, the activation key, and the number of days left before your subscription ends.

The summary is broken down now. There is a tab for the c…

How to Solve Google Pixel Backup Problem/Issues

Almost every Google pixel users is facing Backup issue in their phones, Google is trying to fix that bug and planning to release a new update for all Pixel users. Here I have a quick fix for this issue which will  your phone work without any bug until you got the new update.

Note: It's temporary solution.

There are lots of tools and ways available to take backup of all your data.

First option is the native backup option. Go to the Settings > Accounts (tap Google) > Select Google account > check everything you want to sync. If you face any issue with this step then try to make backup file with the help of tools.

Below is the list of tools which will help you to take backup of your Pixel phone.

DropBox -
My Backup Pro -

Helium - App Sync and Backup

That's It Do like and share it with other pixel users to help them.

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