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Chrome v59 Beta Apk Update New Payment Apps and Security Improvements

Google Chrome, Android app got a new update with new payment options and security related changes to decrease the risk factor from the app. Do find the full APK hands-on of this update below.

APK Change-log:
Stability and Performance Fixes (APKMirror)The Developers added some new payment appsAnimated PNG Support Above changes we found from APkmirror and AndroidPolice. Below APK hands-on is based on our view. You can also explore the APK file by yourself or you can share your reviews about this APK by commenting below.

1: Animated PNG Support:  As we all know that Animated GIF take too much load in the website and can slow webpages. Twitter and other top sites like imgur, gfycat are converting uploaded GIF to HTML5 videos. Which is the best way to reduce the page load.

But GIFs still manage to stick around, partially because they are so universally supported. Several file formats were developed to replace GIFs, including Animated PNG and Animated WebP, but none of them have gained enou…
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Gmail v7.4 Apk To download With New Smart Spam Filter Option

Gmail Android app got a new update with new smart filter. The app, has new amazing feature which will let your filter the messages as a spam smartly and special part is this new feature also works for non Gmail users.

Do find the full hands-on and change-log of this update below.

• For non-Gmail addresses: You can mark messages as spam.
• Add animated GIFs to your message using Gboard.

Above change-log we found from APKmirror.

Come back here, I will update the full APK hands-on and screenshots of new smart filter here.

You can download the APK file from below link

Gmail v7.4.9 APK

Google+ Got Recommended Topics Section at Home Stream

Google is trying to make their Social Media Platform more and more useful for all users. Google added a new recommended Topics section in the home stream which will help you to discover more content on Google+.

The Topics section will show you the content from peoples you added, communities and from collections.

Topics section will show you the things related to your interest. My Google+ profile showing me Topics for Android and Technology.
Google officially announced Topics for Google+ today.

Download Latest Google+ Version to Get this Feature in Mobile

Google+ APK

Google Photos v2.14 APK Update With Face Recognition for Personalization and Sharing

Google photos got the most advanced feature to make your life easy. Now the app will give you the suggestion for sharing by recognizing the faces from the picture.
Google is trying to help the users to be more socialize with today's update. As the new feature offer additional features based around facial recognition, and even encourage users to share pictures with the people detected in them.

AndroidPolice have the full teardown of this update. Which we give you the full understanding of this new feature.
But If I sum up the full APK hands-on. All it wants to say is, The Google photo app can now suggest you share the photos on the social media by recognizing the person from the picture.

Official Change-log
An all-new set of smart, dynamic filters to enhance photos in one tap.Advanced editing controls to tweak lighting, color, and more, including an innovative Deep Blue slider that adds color to sky and water.More movies, made for you: your child's first months, holiday tradition…

How to Use SD Card as Internal Storage on Any Android Device

Insufficient storage is very common problem, which every Android device user faces. With the shortness of internal storage somehow we can't download the important files, songs and documents. Even we can't update the apps from the Play Store. Here I have the quick solution for this very common problem. Today I have the cool trick to use your microSD card as an internal storage of your phone.

Download the tool from below link to use SD cards as internal Storage:

Tool to convert your SD card in internal storage.

Once you download the above tool, unzip the downloaded file on desktop.You Will need winrar to unzip the file.Now Connect your phone to the PC.
Now go to the run and type aftiss.cmd , linux users need to type aftiss.shNow select any one from the list of four available options.Now tool started converting your SD card in internal storage.
You're Done!!

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Google Translation Got new Eight Languages Support

Google added new eight languages to translation app. Which include Indonesian and other major languages. Do find the all the details of this update below.

Google started improving the translation app with new language integration and other improvements. Google is breaking the language barriers and added Indonesian and other eight languages, do find the full list of new languages below.

As Chrome browser comes with built in translation functions, which helps you to translate the web pages in your default language. We all use it on a fairly regular basis to translate the web pages and other language text while traveling or while browsing. Now we have 9 new language set that feature improved translation to and from English. So there are no more language barriers now.

Go through the below link to download the latest Translator version

Google Translator APK

Gboard, Keyboard v6.2 Apk to Download With New Emoji Suggestions and Quick Translation option

The Gboard is one of the most popular Keyboard app in Play Family. The app got the one more update with minor feature improvements and bug fixes. Nothing new we found in the update.

Below are the official change-log of this update from APKMIrror.

• Emoji Suggestions
• Seamless Voice Typing: Easily switch between typing and speaking in the keyboard
• Google Translate: Translate as you type

• GIF suggestions (in supporting apps)
• Web, Emoji, GIF search available in RTL languages
• More themes
• New language support: Bengali, Bashkir, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Telugu
• Bug fixes

New Emoji Suggestions option we found new else, Above changes we already got in the previous version of the app. Today's update have some minor improvements in all above features.

Quick Emoji Suggestion is a very unique idea. The app will suggest you the Emoji related the words which you are typing.

We are still researching on this update, to find out the actual changes of this update. I will update this…