Check if your Android Device is Virus Free or Not, with this new tool – VTS for Android

When it comes to mobile security, this year has been somewhat of a dilemma for Android users. Here is the cool app for all Android user, you can check your phone is safe from virus or with this cool app. Know more in detail below.
VTS APP Features:

  • NowSecure, a mobile security firm, have released a new open-source tool that can quickly and easily show if your device is open to attack or not. The Android Vulnerability Test Suite (VTS) searches for more than a dozen security holes, including Stagefright, so that users can easily determine whether their devices are vulnerable and to what.
  • The starting page of the tool also provides information regarding your Android device
  • “In implementing these checks we attempt to minimize or eliminate both false positives/false negatives without negatively affecting system stability,” says NowSecure on the tool’s Google Play listing.
  • After its search, VTS will show what security vulnerabilities are patched on your device
  • As VTS is open-source, users can file bugs or other issues on their GitHub repository. Let’s hope this new tool will help Android users stay vigilant when it comes to mobile security, and that Google, OEMs and carriers do their part in releasing patches as quickly as possible.

Download VTS App APK From here..



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