Google Released Camera App v3.1 with Android 6, New Nexus 6p and 5X UI & Features for All Android Devices : [APK to Download HERE]

Now all Android mobile user can have Nexus 6p and Nexus 5x UI Camera app. Google released APK file to download for all. Know the features in detail below.

Download APK File From here :
Google Camera APP v3.1 (ARM)

Google Camera APP v3.1 (ARM64)

» Features of Google Camera v3.1

  • The biggest shift is a rather handy full-screen swipe between the main modes: swipe left to shoot video, right to capture still photos. Neat. Everything else has been gently adjusted as well, with the rear/front switch hanging out next to the shutter/record button, and the quick link to the Photos app is on the other side. You can adjust shooting modes and other settings with the slide-out menu.
  • This build also brings Auto HDR+ to some devices, like the Nexus 6 (unfortunately, not the Nexus 5 – you’re stuck with manual HDR+ modes there). Switching HDR+ modes is now infinitely faster too – no more multi-second UI freezes!
  • Tapping on the screen while taking a video now focuses on the tapped spot instead of taking a still photo. Much better!
  • Disabling SmartBurst in Burst settings on the Nexus 6P now lets you take any number of burst photos. Previously in Camera 3.0, if you disabled SmartBurst, you couldn’t take burst photos at all anymore. Very nice.
  • Note : App is not available for now on Play Store that’s why I have share the direct APK link at below. This APK file source is genuine.

Download The Direct APK file from here

Google Camera APP v3.1 (ARM)

Google Camera APP v3.1 (ARM64)


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