How to Visit Blocked Websites on your Android Smartphone or Tablet : Android Hack

I found one cool new hack of Android users from Due to various reasons that we’re not going to discuss here, your Internet provider may block certain websites or web services in your area. That’s obviously a big problem if your favorite website is being blocked, but we’re happy to say that there’s a way you can circumvent these limitations and access blocked websites from your Android devices.

Truth be told, there are multiple ways that we can go about to achieving the same trick, visiting blocked websites on your Android smartphone or tablet. For the sake of simplicity, we’re going to discuss just the most straightforward way of accomplishing this task.

Just follow below steps :

Step 1. You need to Download Orbot, a free proxy app that can work with the encrypted Tor network. Orbot will encrypt the data your device sends and receives via the Internet.

You can download ORbot app from below link :


Step 2. Now download Orweb, the Orbot companion browser. We’ll use this app later to browse websites without fear of being intercepted or blocked.

You can download ORbot app from below link :


Step 3. Open up the Orbot app, then long press the start button. This will start up Tor.

Step 4. Open the Orweb browser, then visit any website you want. You’ll notice that you’ll be able to visit most of the websites that you were previously locked out of.


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