ISIS Launched Android Apps Which you should Avoid : Find The List Here

ISIS has launched serval apps which may break your Android phone’s security and they can access your Android phone with those apps. Here I have the list of those apps which you should avoid to download.

The ISIS terrorist group has reportedly launched an app that features news and videos showing executions and battlefield victories and propagates its agenda, the media reported.

Here is the App name :

Amaq News : This app Discovered by the hacking collective Ghost security group, the app called “Amaq News” is designed to “streamline access” to the terrorist group’s “propaganda”.

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According to a Fortune report, the Android-based app is essentially a news portal run by the Amaq News Agency – a group believed to be tied to IS.

When users start the app, it displays a scrolling news feed and icons to play videos. It also has options for users to have the feed automatically check for new posts.

“It can even be automatically updated whenever the app’s developers send out new versions of the programme,” the report added.

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