CES 2016: Live Streaming and Full Coverage Of CES 2016(The World's Biggest Tech Show)

CES 2016: Live Streaming and Full Coverage Of CES 2016(The World's Biggest Tech Show)
CES 2016 is here : CES 2016 is started in Vegas again. We are updating the activities here from event.

As such, what you can expect from CES 2016 is a lot like what you got in 2015: a few phones and tablets - not many - and a lot of gadgets that work over Bluetooth or IoT technologies to interface with your smartphone or tablet. That includes everything from wearables (though we have no reason to expect any Android Wear devices in particular) to smart kitchen equipment.

What's the schedule like this year? Well, in tune with the fact that this will probably be the least mobile-focused CES in as many years as we've been covering it, it's fairly low key.

  • Monday (1/4): We'll start with CES Unveiled, a sort of ballroom fairground for companies to show off new products (lots of gadgetry here), which is almost always good for a few fun tidbits. That evening, we'll head to NVIDIA's press conference (we're not expecting any mobile news, but NVIDIA is well-known for surprise reveals).
  • Tuesday (1/5): Press day! Press day is a polite way of saying "thousands of soon-to-be-exhausted journalists shuffling around the Mandalay Bay Convention Center from press conference to press conferences from 7AM to 5PM." Press conferences we may attend include LG, Huawei, Sony, Qualcomm, Samsung, and ZTE. That night, Pepcom (a lot like CES Unveiled) will be on our stop list, as well as an announcement "party" with Huawei's Honor brand. We may also stop by the Bluetooth SIG event (though I've never actually gone to that dinner in 5 years of RSVPing...)
  • Wednesday (1/6): We'll hit up the Dell press conference (we have no idea if anything Android-powered is being announced) and meet with up-and-coming Chinese brand Letv to look at some of their upcoming products. We'll be roaming the show floor throughout the day, as this is the first official day of the CES show. That evening, we'll head to Showstoppers, which is another CES Unveiled / Pepcom sort of ballroom techno-bazaar.

  • Thursday (1/7): Thursday is our dedicated trudge through as much of the CES floor as we, or our feet, can withstand. We'll be looking for interesting products, companies, and generally just keeping our eyes open. That evening, we'll meet up with NVIDIA for some product demos (again, no reason to think it's anything mobile, they were just kind enough to offer) and spend a night with Blu learning about their upcoming smartphone portfolio.
  • Friday (1/8): We're out! Cody and I will exit Las Vegas before the show attendees start to depart en masse. We've found that staying extra days for the full show run rarely yields any additional content or, really, anything of value (aside from a hotel bill).