Download & Install Remix OS : Full How to Install Android(Remix OS) on Any PC, Just Like Windows

Now, you can install Android on Any Pc with new Remix OS. I have the full tutorial to install Android on any computer..

Full Tutorial to Install Remix Os on any PC :

  • First of all Download Remix OS from below link
  • You’ll need an FAT32 USB 3.0 flash drive with at least 8GB of free storage on it, and that’s it.
  • Now Just restart your computer and boot directly from that USB drive. At that point, you’ll run Android on your computer, complete with an interface that will remind you of good old Windows. Take the drive with you and you’ll have an Android computer in your pocket that will work on most x86 PCs out there. And yes, before you ask, it’ll even work on some Macs.
  • Now, You’ll be able to log into your Google account, install apps, and do everything else you’d do on a smartphone or tablet running Android. But you’ll do it with the help of a keyboard and mouse. For now, you’ll get access to Remix OS 2.0 based on Lollipop, but a Marshmallow version should follow.

Download Remix OS from here:

Remix OS


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