Google I/O 2016 Keynote Live Stream: Android N 7.0 and More

Google’s 2016 annual developers conference Google I/O 2016 is kicking off in Mountain View on May 18th to 20th 2016. +Sundar Pichai will be the host for this year also, where Google is expected to provide the first glimpse at the next version of Android.

As there are lots of rumors in market for Android N, but this time Google has confirmed certain things about upcoming Android OS version. You can check it here. There is also one more rumore is around in market for Android N is, the next Android OS version will come without App drawer.

At the opening day of I/O, we are expecting to get new version of Chrome OS, Self-driving cars, Android Wear, Project Ara, Android Auto, Project Aura, Project Fi..

You can watch all the Google I/O keynote action right here starting..


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