Google Released Custom Gamer IDs For Google Play Games : Know How to Get it

Google is rolling out custom game IDs option for Goole Play Games. Till now Google games was providing your name as a games ID but now with this update you will be able to chose a custom game id which will be used for play games titles.

Know how to get this feature.

  • Creating an ID will happen when new users sign into their first Play Games session.
  • If you are an existing users than you just need update app to the latest version(Download Apk from end of the post)and you will automatically get the prompt to create an ID the next time they sign into a game.
  • They also provided the option to make your ID visible for Public or private.
  • You will get 40 stock avatars you can choose from too.

Download APK File From HERE

Google Play Games v3.6.24


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