Google Camera App Got Google Goggles Functionality/Capabilities : Rumors & New Features

Google is taking their all apps to a next level. They are improving small small feature to make their apps more and more useful for users. There are some rumors around for Google app that Google App will get Google Goggles Functionality.

They are implementing the new technology in Google App which they are using already. Id you don’t know what is Google Goggles? than, first you should know What is it all about. Here I shared the small intro for Google Goggles.

What is Google Goggles?

Google Goggles is an augmented reality app which allows you to make a search by taking a picture of anything by your mobile camera.(E.g.: If some one shared you a photo of something like some fruit or a book anything u can take, and you want to search for it and don’t what it is or what is the name of it, So you can take photos of that and search it on Google to know about it.)

It’s Actually an awesome app, it can help us a lot. Google is already using this feature and just to make it useful for everyone they are bringing its functionality to the official camera app.

Source of this News or rumor you can say :

I found this news from AndroidAuthority they said : Details they found from an anonymous source who gave them a bit more details of this project. Here their words :

The report states there will be a new feature integrated, allowing users to outline specific areas of the image in order to directly target their searches.

Google Camera App Got Google Goggles Functionality/Capabilities : Rumors & New Features

Google Googles can only make search by the whole image, which will bring plenty of discrepancies. Images often display plenty of distractions, background items and other objects that may throw off a search result. According to the sketch provided above, the system will also be able to recommend retailers for purchasing products, as well as other details.

They also tested this technology with wearable devices.

You can download Google Goggles App From below link :

Google Goggles


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