Google Maps got Update with New Custom iCons and Improvements in Places and Timeline : Download APK

Google released Maps v9.22 update for Android with some major improvements and new custom icons for home and work. Know more in detail at below.

What’s New?

Improvements to Your Places and Timelines : 

Google Improved places and timelines screen list has traded in for a viewpager into separate particular pages. You just need to tap or swipe the content or touch at the header move between pages. There is not any changes for groups or the content..

They added new Custom icons for Home and Work : 

They added new custom icons to set to make them stand out. You can change custom icon by simple as finding your home location and looking for the new Choose an icon button. Just Tap on it, it will pulls up a list of included icons to choose from. Then choose your favorite icon and you are done.

More informative Timeline :

They added Some new adjustments also into the Timeline, as well.

You will see some new bits of information scattered throughout this screen.
New counters to indicate the distance and amount of time you’ve spent in modes of transportation of 24-hour period.
It will also show you, how much (or little) you’ve walked or driven in a single day.

Dismiss locations from Contribute screen : 
Ride Sharing

Download APK File From HERE

Google Maps v9.22


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