SwiftKey Got v6.3.1.89 Update With New Accessibility Feature And New Emoji : Download APK

Swiftkey for Android got update today with improved accessibility options. They also added missing and new emoji with this update for Android Users. They added and improved 6 new features and options in this update to improve user satisfaction. Find this update’s detail at below.

What’s new?

New – Accessibility will read out ‘letters’ instead of ‘ABC’ for the abc key
New – Accessibility will announce when the emoji panel has been open or closed when TalkBack in on
New – Talkback will pronounce Chinese characters (in the stroke layout) in Chinese instead of English exclusive of locale

– Added missing emoji: ⛹,☄, ☃,☹, ✍, ⛱, ⚒, ⛏, ⛸, ⛷
New – The Extended Candidate Window will work with Explore By Touch
New – Installer progress buttons will show if you rotate the device while installing

These all are the new features, which you can get by downloading this update apk file. You can find the link to download this update at the end of the post.

Swiftkey APK File to Download

v811664786 APK for Android 4.3+ Devices
v811664789 APK for Android 6.0+ Devices


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