Android N Name : Help Google to Creating A Name for Android N

Android N Name : Help Google to Creating A Name for Android N

Share your thoughts with Google to create name for Android N. Google I/O 2016 Developer event has been started by today. They want All Android users help to create A name for Android N.

At the first day of Google I/O 2016
every one was expecting and name of their upcoming Android OS version "Android N". But, Google is not in mood to announce a name of Android N at Google I/o or you can say they don't have a valid or suitable name for Android N.

They has a name or two in mind for Android N, but it they wants to know what Android users would find suitable. For that they sought the services of Professional Naming, Inc.

Here is the Video of Android N Name by CEO John Smith :

They have some names in the list like :

  • Neyyappam
  • New York Cheesecake

  • Nacho
  • Nut brittle
  • Nashi pear
  • Navel orange
  • Noodle
You can hear/see them in Above video.

Here is the link to Submit your own Name suggestion for Android N :

Please don't suggest terrible names or ideas.


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