Google Announced 2016's Best Android Apps and Games

Google has announced 2016’s best games and apps in Google I/O 2016. Google had it’s first ever Google Play Awards function in Google I/O event. They have announced winners of 2016 Play Awards.

List of Winning apps of Play Awards 2016 : Google’s Announcement 

  • Best App: Houzz
  • Best Early Adopter: World Around Me
  • Best Families App: Thinkrolls 2

  • Best Go Global: Pokemon Shuffle Mobile
  • Best Game: Clash Royale
  • Most Innovative: NYT VR
  • Best Use of Material Design: Robinhood

  • Best Standout Indie: Alphabear
  • Best Use of Google Play Game Services: Table Tennis Touch
  • Best Standout Startup: Hopper

You can download and try all above apps for free except Table Tennis Touch and Thinkrools 2 these both games are paid.


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