Google Keyboard v5.1 Apk with New Android N Themes and Emojis Download Now

Google has released Android N Developer Preview 3 with so many new features and whole new design. Know more about Google Android N Dev Preview 3 at here. Android N Preview 3 brings new update of Google Keyboard v5.1 with some new themes, Emojis and Features.

Know everything and detail : Google Keyboard v5.1 Features and new Themes

New gestures of Google Keyboard v5.0 and improved functionaly they improved speed and user experience of Google Keyboard with v5.1 update. Know more about Google Keyboard v5.0 at here.

Google Keyboard v5.1 has 2 new features : New Themes and all new Android N Emojis, we can say that soon we will get iOS Gboard action on Android from this update.

New Themes : 

They added new setting section for themes in Google Keyboard v5.1 update. That new section will give you the preview of the keyboard theme on top, also provide you a toggle to show or hide key borders, and full list of different themes.

Google Keyboard v5.1 Apk with New Android N Themes and Emojis Download Now

They added 13 solid color chose to choose for Keyboard. Google also added customization option for keyboard theme. They have added option to set and custom image for keyboard’s background.

New Emoji :

Google added All Android N Emojis to Google Keyboard v5.1 update. Here is the first glimpse of real like human Emojis . As of now, All these emojis are just to see. You can’t type or send them to anyone because, the keyboard wasn’t yet updated to let you send it.

You can Download Google Keyboard v5.1 update from below url :

Google Keyboard v5.1


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