Google making their all play family app more and more useful and easy accessible with new features and updates. One more app I found of Google Play family, now they released Google photos apk update with new commenting and smart suggestion options. This update they released for Android 4+ devices. I have downloaded this update from APK Mirror site share information about news features of this update with you all. You can download the apk file of this update by below.

Google Photos v1.20 APK Update With Smart Suggestions & Commenting Feature : Download NOW

We did an research on this update to know about new updates and features. Here is everything what I found in this update.

What’s New?

They added three new main features in this update :

1 Commenting Option : Google added new commenting option in Google Photos. This option will help you to comment on shared albums. Commenting option is available for individual photos and for entire album.

New Smart Suggestions option : This feature will appear occasionally.

Know how it works.

If you are viewing someone else’s shared album and Google thinks you could add a relevant photo to that album, this new smart suggestion will tell you to add a photos in that or to give and suggestions for that album. It’s probably one of those features which will pop up only when Google find that you are an right person to choose.

3 Improved Device Folder performance : They have improved an device folder performance.

Download This update’s apk file from below link.

Google Photos APK


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