Google Play Services 9.0.78 APK Download Available With Latest Play Store Support

Google Play Services is one of the most important app for Android device. Many of you know that apps on your phone should be updated regularly to keep them running smooth and keep it bug free. Google Play Services app have the biggest role to keep your app updated from Play Store. I found an latest update of Google Play services so I am sharing it here.

What’s New?

I have downloaded this update on my phone but there is not any big change but it made my app updating process more smoother and faster. I found that Google fixed 6 bugs in this update from Google Play Services. Users saying it seems biggest update from Google, let’s See!!

 I will update this post If I found any other new function or feature of this update. You can download this update for your Android device from below. File size is 46 : MB(480 dpi, Supported for Android 5+)

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Click below to Download Google Play Services v9.0.78 APK

Google Play Services v9.0.78


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