Google Play Services v9.0.83 APk Update with New API Changes

Google released new update of Google Play Services with new API changes for some apps. This update will work in Android 5+ devices. I have downloaded this update to explore the features and new changes of this update.

Here is what’s New in this update :

Many apps will stop working without Google Play services. So you should keep it updated this app to keep all app working fine.

Changes :

– Improvements in Maps API v2 for Android Wear
– Improvements in Wear API, including Channel API for bidirectional data transfer between devices

– Improvements in Fit API, including new API for reading aggregated daily totals
– Improvements in Location API, including parameter for setting max wait time
– Places API improvements, including ability to retrieve attributions

You can download Google Play Services v9.0.83 by clicking below.

Google Play Services v9.0.83


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