Google Play Store v6.4.20 Update Released For All Android Smartphones and Tablets

Google Play Store also got new update with some new enhancements and new features. As we all know Play Store is the most important app in Android device. It let you download all apps and games for on your mobile. That’s why you have to keep it updated on your phone.

Google released new update of Google Play Store app, I have downloaded it from mirror site to explore all new features of this new version.

Latest version is Google Play Store v6.4.20, Google released this update before couple of days but I am sharing it today after my research on this update. This update doesn’t have some major new feature for users but some minor visual changes they made in this update. They made Play Store more smooth and improved speed and stability. They fixed total 12 bugs in this update.

New Option they added to see the size of the app update.

This update is free to download for all Android users. File size is 15.08 MB. You can directly download this update on any Android device, If you don’t get update on your phone. Here is the link to Download Google Play Store v6.4.20 APk file to update on your phone.

Google Play Store v6.4.20 APk


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