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Google Maps v9.31 APK Update With Android N dev Preview Support

Google has released the new update of the Google Maps Android app. Google is trying to make their map app more and more easy and useful for mobile users. They added some new changes and features in this update which will increase user experience.

The app is updated to v9.31 APK file is now available to download. This update comes with some new changes in app UI and features. I have downloaded the update to explore the new features in details.

The first change I found in this update is, they made a Google Maps app to be installed on Android NPreviews. So the app is not supported for Android N devices. Which include Android wear app too.

The second change which I found is they made some noticeable changes in the Timeline UI. They added a new Edit button, which will let you add Title and Note.

Some other small changes also I found in this update, like performance and speed improvements. You can also download this update, APk file size is 48.91MB. This update can be installed on all Androi…

Android N Dev Preview: 4 Official AOSP Change-log & Features From Google

Google has released the 4th version of the Android N OS just before a week ago. You can download Android N Dev preview 4 if you have a compatible device.

Android N Dev Preview 4 Compatible Devices:
Nexus 5XNexus 6
Nexus 6PNexus 9Nexus 9GHere is the full change-log, and less known Key features of Android Dev Preview 4:

Here is the deeper look into the Android Dev preview 4. We have the official change-log of Android N Dev preview 4 ready. Find all at below.

Android N Dev Preview 4 AOSP Chang-log

Here are some Key features from Android N Developer preview 4:
Android N final APIsOS StabilityExternal storageScreen Zoom and multiple APKs in Google Play
Fixes for issues reported by developersCheck out all the features from Android N preview 4 in detail at below link:

Google Android Developer

Google Photos v1.23 APK Update with Bug Fixes and Improvements

Google Photos got a new APK update for Android users. The app is now updated to v1.23.0 with build number 294147.

As it's and bug fix update, I recommend you to download it to keep the app work smoothly. I have installed it on my Nexus 6P, I found that app speed is improved. App is working very fast on my phone, they decrease the synchronize timing in this update.

I found they fixed an editing bug in this update. I was also facing that issue in the previous version. Whenever I was trying to edit the photo I was getting an unknown error with the message "Can't Edit the Photo".

So Overall, it's worth to download this update. You can also download this update on any Android 4+ device. Below is the link to download this update on your device.

Google Photos v1.23APK

Twitter v6.3.0 APK Update with New Photos Editing Feature: You can Add Stickers to the Photos

Twitter got a new update for Android users. Twitter is making their app easy accessible for mobile users. I found the new apk update today. The App is now updated to v6.3.0.

I have downloaded this update on my Nexus 6P to know about new features of this update. Nothing new I found in this update.

But, Android police have posted something interesting about Twitter. That Twitter has added new photo editing option for mobile users. They have added option to add stickers into the photos.

Here is the official tweet from Twitter with the GIF image of the new stickers feature.
Coming soon! Unleash your creativity by adding fun #Stickers to your photos on Twitter: — Twitter (@twitter) June 27, 2016Reports, saying that this feature will be available for Android users in the next few weeks. As it's a server side feature so I don't think, this feature will require an app update. But It's better to keep the app updated.

Here is the link …

Google is Coming With its OWN Smartphone: Know Specs and Details

Google is coming in the mobile market with its own new smartphone. Report says Google is taking the new step in the mobile market. They are coming to own new Android smartphone on  the market, which will be different from Nexus devices.

According to The Telegraph reports, Google will ship this device by the end of 2016. The mountain view company takes more control over design and manufacturing and software of this phone.

Now, The Question is what will be the difference in Google's own device and Nexus device. 

There is no specific detail available for now on Google's own Android device. But, reports saying that Google will take all control of the device in his own hand and the phone will come with the Google's brand on them.

Google tried to convince HTC for this opportunity, but because of some opposition from inside a company they canceled the deal. I also found one more report that HTC is making two smartphones for Google.

There is lots of confusion for now about Google…

Android Action Launcher v3.8.0 APK For Android Mobile and Tablets

Android action launcher got the new update with some new features and improvements. Action launcher is one of the top launcher for Android users.

If you are bored with the default look and feel of Android, you should try the third party launcher app to get new makeover and feel in your Android mobile.

Action launcher is very useful, easy and flexible to use. It has an attractive material design with so many features. You can replace it with the default home screen launcher on your Android device. The app has some useful features like, Quicktheme, Quickbar.

I have downloaded this update to know new feature of this update. The app is not updated to v3.8.0, APK download file size is  17.95MB. You can also download this update form below link.

Action Launcher v3.8.0 APK

Android Navigation Buttons Got Makeover: Know When You will Get it?

I found a leaked image of Android's new navigation buttons design. The Guy from the team of AndroidPolice have received this image first. You can see the new navigation buttons design above.

I found it from Citing report, they said: The Upcoming HTC Nexus 2016 phones might get a navigation bar makeover. It's still not confirmed that When we will get this new navigation buttons. I will soon update the link here to get this new navigation button on your phone.

Google made new colorful design with some animations on the home button for the navigation buttons. The new design is really looking very attractive. I don't have any more information as of now to share about new navigation button. But, will surely update this post with updates whenever I get any news for the same.

I think we will shortly get this new design in the next Android N update. Just keep visiting us, or bookmark our link to get the latest news.

Google Photos v1.23Apk update to Download for Android Mobile and Tablets

Google has released photos app updates for Android users. This app comes pre-installed with all Android smartphones you don't need to download it manually.

You just have to keep it updated from the play store. This app helps you to access and customize all your photos. It's perfect replacement of your mobile gallery app.

The app comes with lots of customization and sharing features. You can easily manage all your photos and videos online and offline. I have downloaded this update to explore new features of this update.

The APK file comes with version number 1.23 update file size is 25.28MB. I found that it's a stable update for all Android mobile. So you can download it on any Android 4+ device.

You can download this update form below link:

Google Photos Apk v1.23

Google Allo And Duo Both Apps Got an Update with New Logo and New Changes

Google has released a new update of Allo and Duo with new changes in Play Store. Google has announced these both app in the Google I/O 2016 event. Google has promised all users to release the final version in Play Store to download for all. And as promised, they have listed both apps on Play Store.

Yes, it's true Google has listed both apps on Play Store but they are on pre-order now. But Today, I have noticed one change on both app's listing in Play Store.

Google has changed the logo of both apps on the Play Store. The Original icon of Allo app is in white letter embedded into a red icon, but Google has changed it with new logo. Allo app icon has got a new blue color icon with white letters. Duo app also got the new icon today. Duo app icon has changed with light Gray background with blue letters on it.

I can't get what Google is up to? Or it's a massive change from Google? Anyway, let wait for the apps to be released for download. I am sure both apps will come wit…

Facebook v83.0 APK Update for Android Mobile and Tablets

Facebook, Android app got the new update with new feature enhancements and improvements. Good news for all Facebook Android users. They released the new update of the Facebook Android app with some changes.

I have downloaded this update to analyze this update. The Facebook app is now updated to v83.0.  APK file size is 40.8MB, you can install this update on any Android 4.3 device. You can download this update form the link at the end of the post.

Nothing new I found in this update, it's just minor bug fixes and performance improvements. But still you have to keep your Facebook app updated.

Download APK file from below link:

Facebook v83.00 APK

Google App v6.0.19.16 Apk to Download : App Got Android N Supports

Google allowed Android N support to its Google search app, they have released an update of Google App today. This update is built of Android N dev preview with final API's. However, lots of Android developers have already updated their app with latest Android OS support. So, The Google search app is a bit slow to get Android N support.

Let's explore this update, I have downloaded it on my Nexus 6p. Google app is now updated to build number Minor API changes I found in this update. All API is now updated API level 24 with this update.

So, overall it's worth to download this update  as the app got Android N support. You can also download this update, just go through below link to download the APK File.

Google APP APK

Play Store Discount Offer: Get Nova Launcher Prime in just 99Cents

Nova launcher is the one of the most popular launcher for Android. Here is the chance to get paid/prime version of Nova Launcher only at 99 cents.

  Yes, I get the discount offer to download Nova Launcher Prime version at this price. Nova Launcher has been one of our favorite apps since Android was running on ice cream sandwich version. Luckily the prime version of the launcher is on sale today. Make a quick move to grab this offer as it's for a limited time period.

The prime version will give you access to the all feature of the most popular launcher. You will get below listed features in the prime version.
Home screen gestures to open functions like settings menu, etc.Hiding app feature from app drawer
Custom action for swiping on icons instead of tapping themYou can unread the counts fro the compatible app shortcuts.Some extra animation options like buried deep in the settings menu, etc.. It's very good chance to grab prime version at this cheap price. According to the source…

Google Maps v9.27.2 APk Update with Feature to See Current Weather/Atmosphere details & More

Google Maps is the most popular navigation app in the market. All Android mobile manufacturers provide this app as a native app. With its helpful features and faster performance Google Maps is on top now. As this app owned by Google so they are trying to make it more and more easy, faster and helpful for Android users.

Google has launched the new update of Google Maps app for Android users. I have downloaded this update to know new features and functionality of this update. I found that they added some new features in this update.

Google has added new Description suggestion option for Android users. Now you can see and suggest a description of the places which include features or specialty of the place, Amenities brief information, and you can also add current atmosphere of that particular place. This new feature will help other users to get information about the particular place.

For Example: You are at some Hill station now and current weather is very cold or rainy. So you can add…

LG K3 Specifications and Price Comes with 1GB RAM and Snapdragon Processor

Korean based mobile brand, LG has launched new Android powered smartphone with mid range phone specifications. It's cheap rate Android smartphone from LG to complete other cheap rate mobiles like, Xioami Redmi 2, Lenovo K3 Note etc. LG has launched this phone with latest Android version Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Know LG K3 Specs and Price Details here:

LG K3 has good specs, as we are getting lots of new mobiles at the lowest rate Specially in India. LG also have launched this phone to take stand in Indian Market. Lots of other smartphone brands like Xiaomi, Lenovo, Motorola, Micromax, Xolo, Asus also have launched their mid range smartphones with all these specs in India.

Let's checkout the full specs of LG's new K3 mobile:

I found all these specs on authorized source
LG K3 has 4.5inch IPS display with multi touch feature.
1.1 GHz Quad core snapdragon processor for better performance.1GB RAM Size8GB Inbuilt Memory, You can USE SD card up to 32GBAndroid 6.0 Marshmallow support

Would you like to Replace Allo with Hangouts?

Google has released new chat app Allo at Google I/O 2016. Here is the link to download it on your Android phone.

Allo v0.1 APK

We still didn't have any idea, why Google released this app. As we already have one of the most popular Chat app Hangouts from Google. Then why they released this new chat app. Many Hangouts used have this question, that Is Google going to replace Hangouts with Allo? Or They are going to continue these 2 platforms?

It's a very Big question for now.

What's your views for this? Do you think Hangouts should be replaced by Allo? You can share your vote at below poll.

Do you think Google Allo should replace Hangouts? Share your vote at below:

Amazing Android Apps For Dummies Such A Great Book: ISBN (978-0-470-93629-0)

Do you know anything about this book "Amazing Android Apps for Dummies"?, Have you ever read this book?

I bought this book before 2 weeks from the bookshop in near to my home (Ahmedabad, India).

Here is the full address of the bookstore:

Store Name: OM Books, Ahmedabad

Bhakt Vallabh Dhola Marg,
Satya Nagar, Behrampura,
Gujarat 380022

Get direction to this shop from: Get Direction

What Book is about?

Book Name: Amazing Android Apps for DummiesBook Author: Daniel BegunISBN: 978-0-470-93629-0
This book is all about Android apps it will take you through the process of finding, purchasing, and installing the most appealing apps for your needs. So, it will be helpful for you to find the best Android app for yourself from the thousands of Apps in the Play Store. You will find the variety of apps in the categories of entertainment, finance, health, food, music, news, weather, photography, reference, dining out, social networking, sports, travel, and more.

Know more about this…

MSQRD v1.6.4 APK Update With New Raccoon Effect: Download Now

MSQRD is the current trend in App market. Lots of people around the world using this update. The app has more than 10,000,000 - 50,000,000 installs from Play Store. It's the most popular app now, people use this app to make their selfies with the different faces.

How to Install Android N Now on Any Android 6+ Compatible Devices

Hello, readers Yes, it's not a troll it's true. I got the full tutorial to Install Google's most advanced OS, Android N on any Android 6+ compatible devices. Recently, Google has released the 4th developer preview version of the Android N OS.

Very soon we will get the stable version of Android N. And very soon we will know the name of the OS, you can check this post to know about the Android N Name and releasing date. Android N Name

Let's back to the point, I am sharing the full tutorial to Install Android N Now on your Android device. But before we move ahead, you have to check the compatibility of an Android N OS. Rather your phone is compatible to Install Android N Or not.

Here is the list of the Android N Compatible Devices: You should have any of the below listed mobile to move further.
Nexus 6Nexus 9
Nexus 5xNexus 6PNexus Player
Google Pixel CAndroid One If you have any of the above devices than just follow the next step.

Installing an Android beta version on any d…

Google Released Google Play Services v9.2.56.34 APK Update for All Android Devices

Google has released the new update of Google Play Services Android app. This update supports almost all Android devices. It's a stable version update released by Google.

I have downloaded this update to know about new features of this update. Google released this update fix the bugs. Some users got an error after installing this update on their phones. Today's update is for all Android users with bug fixes and performance improvements. Some new API has been added by Google in this update.

Overall, I found this update worth to download for those whom getting an "Unfortunetly Google Play Services has stopped" error.

This update file size is 43.46MB, and you can install this update on any Android2+ device. Get the APK file of this update form below link. I have shared Authorized source to download APK file with Google Signature.

Google Play Services v9.2.56

Google Spaces v1.1 APK First APK Update For Android 4.1+ Devices

A few weeks ago Google released small group sharing app for Android users. You can create your own group and share everything with all group members. Google has released  its first update with some new features and improvements.

I have downloaded this update from valid sources to explore new features from this update. The app is now updated to v1.1.0, you can install this update on any Android 4.1+ devices. Update File size: 7.92MB.

I found New RTL language support in this update. So can share your multi language content with your group members in spaces. Else, I found some bug fixes and performance improvements. The App is also working fast with slow networks.

Overall, it's worth to download this update, you can download this update from below link.

Spaces APK v1.1

Google Keyboard v5.1.13 APK Update From Android N Preview 4 With New Cool Slide Finger Feature to Move Cursor

Google improves all its Android native apps with so many new features. They are trying to make all their apps more and more user friendly. They always work to improve user experience. One more Google app update I found with some new interesting and useful features.

Google Keyboard got the new update with new interesting feature slide finger. It's totally new feature and it will definitely improve your typing experience. Know how it works.

Slide Finger to Move Cursor:

Google added the new feature to move cursor while typing with Google Keyboard. Now you don't need to touch with your finger to reach to the particular place while typing. You just need to slide your finger across the space bar to move cursor wherever you want. You can slide your finger right or left on the space bar to move your cursor easily.

Gesture Delete Word:

The second new feature which I found is, now you can delete the words with the gesture. You just need to slide left from the delete key to remove the wor…

Android N Clock v4.5.1 Apk Update with New Resizable Clock Widget and More

Now, days Google is releasing so many updates of their apps. One more update is here, the Android N clock also got a new update today. Some new features I found in this update. Know more about this update below.

What's New?

I have downloaded Clock 4.5.1 update on my Nexus6P. I found Google added new re-sizable Analog and digital clock widgets in this update. Now you can resize the size of the clock with this update.One more change I found, that Google added new drop shadow to the digital clock widget. It's very minor change, but I found it after some serious observation.Else Minor bug fixes and performance improvements I found.
So, If you like this app, then you should download this app on your phone. The APK file size of this update is only 4.86MB. You can download this update for all Android 4.4 devices. You can download this update from below link.

Clock v4.5.1 APK

Google+ v8.1 APK Update with new Improved Latency & Option to share Feedback in Menu

Google has released the new version update of Google plus Android app. Google+ app is now updated to v8.1.0.12 version. I have downloaded this update to explore new features form this update.

What's New?

Google Improved  latency of the Google+ app in this update, now app will run smoothly also on slow networks(2G, 3G).I found that, Google provided access to help and feedback from the main menu of the app.Else, I found minor performance & speed  improvements in this update.
Over it's worth to download this update, the APK file size of this update is: 27.66 MB and this update supports all Android 4.4+ devices. You can download this update form below link.

Google+ v8.1

Google Play Services v9.2.56 Update for Android Mobile and Tablets

As we all know that Google Play services is the most important app for Android mobiles. A lot of apps will stop working if you don't update Google Play services app on time. Basically, It's system app so you should keep it updated with the latest version.

Google has released the latest version of the Google Play Services app on yesterday. I have downloaded this update to share new features and updates in this new version.

Nothing much new I found in this update. From last Google Play services app 2 updates there is nothing new we got. It seems Google is planning for something big this time. That's why they keep releasing updates with minor changes and performance improvements.

The App is now moved to the version 9.2.56. File size is 43.09MB and you can install this update on  any Android 2.3+ devices.

You can Download this update from below link:

Google Play Services v9.2.56 APK

YouTube v11.22.56 APK Update by Google to Download for Android 4+ Devices

YouTube App for Android got new update which supports all Android 4.1+ devices. YouTube is the most popular app to share and watch videos on desktop and mobiles. Google owns this video platform, they always try to make it more and more easy and useful for users.

I have downloaded this update to explore about new features from this update. The YouTube, Android app is now updated to v11.22.56 with this update. The APK file size of this update is 16.42MB. You can install this update on any Android 4.1 devices.

I have updated YouTube app on my Nexus 6P device, I didn't find anything new in this update. You can say it's performance improvement update of YouTube app.

But, still you should download this update. It's worth to update all apps in your mobile. You can download this update simply from the source link at below.

YouTube v11.22 APK

Google Play Services v9.2.55 APK to Download For All Android 2+ Devices

Google Play Services got the update with new features and performance improvements you can say. I am exploring this update to know about the new features from this update. I did some research and found below changes.

What's New?

Google was released an update of PlayStore app just before few days. You can download the latest Play Store update form here. :

Google Play Service is the most important app for Android mobiles. It will help your Android mobile to work all core actions like contacts synchronization, location based features, privacy settings, app authentication etc... I have downloaded the latest update of this update. Nothing new I found, they released this update with just minor performance improvements and bug fixes.

Google Play services now updated to v9.2.55 update will support all Android 2+ devices. The file size of this update is 50.27MB. You can download this update from below link.


Google App v6.0.17 Apk Update for Android 4+ Mobile and Tablet Users

Google has released it's, Google apps new update for Android users. They have released Google App v6.0 version to download for all Android 4+ mobiles and tablets.

I have downloaded this update on my Nexus 6P to explore new things about this update. Google app will get let you search anything easily. Just go to the search bar, and search whatever you want. It will analyze your search patterns and will give you the best results and suggestions to help you. Nothing new I found in this update. It's just performance improvements and bug fixes update.

The app is now updated to v6.17, build number is 300672916. This update supports all Android 5+ devices. The APK file size is: 46MB

You can download this update from below link.

Google APP APK

WhatsAppv2.16 APK Update with New Message Quotes and Replies Feature

WhatsApp got most advanced feature for Android users. Yes, WhatsApp beta version got new quotes and option to give a reply with quoted message.

There was a rumor in market that WhatsApp will get a reply button when you select any particular message. Here is the feature, WhatsApp added new Quotes feature which will let you quote the message to reply for the particular message. You just need to download beta version of WhatsApp to get this feature.

This feature only showed up into the v2.16.118 update. Know how it works/How can you use this feature?

Whenever you select any message in any conversation (personal chat or group chat) you will get a reply button at the top of the screen.

Android Police has described well about this feature:

You see a Reply button at the top of the screen among the different options to delete and star and forward. Tap it and the quoted message will show up as a preview on top of the text entry box where you can add your reply. You can tap the x button to rem…

Google Confirmed, Android N Official Name Will be Out in Few Weeks

Google is all set to reveal the name of the Android N version OS. Google has confirmed that the official name release of Android N will be in a few weeks.

Here is the official tweet from Google for the same:
Thanks for your submissions. We’ll reveal the new name in a few weeks! #NameAndroidN — Android (@Android) June 8, 2016 If you go back to the Google I/O 2016, Google announced #NameAndroidN that they it is accepting suggestions to decide the name of Android N. They conducted the online polls to finalize the name. Here is the link of the website to suggest Android N name:

Also Read: How to Get Android N Multitasking & Other Popular Features on Any Android 5+ Devices

Here is the Name Checklist by PNI:

There is a report for the name of Android N, is Android N is internally known as New York Cheesecake.

Twitter v6.0 APK Update: Got Updated with New Attractive Design

Finally, Twitter has launched its new UI for Android app. You can download this update for any Android phone. Know about new features and about the new UI of this update at below.

How to Get Android N Multitasking & Other Popular Features on Any Android 5+ Devices

Yes, it's true now you can get Android N's most popular features like multitasking on any Android lollipop device. It's been about an six months since Google released Android 6.0 Marshmallow version, but according to the survey only 2.3% Android devices are running on the Android marshmallow.

Google Clock v4.4 APK Update With New Visuals Changes and More

The Google Android N clock got a new update with some new features and new design changes. Google is planning for something new I have downloaded this update. I found some new features like inline volume control and more. Know more in detail at below.

Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 Update for Samsung Galaxy S5: Download Now

Samsung Galaxy S5 got Android 6 marshmallow update on Verizon and India (Exynos Variant). Samsung launched Galaxy S5 before 2 years in 2014.

LG X Power Specifications | LG X Style Specifications: LG Launched in UKRAINE

LG unveils its two new mid range smartphones LG X Power and LG X Style. They announced it in Ukraine, these two devices will be the latest addition  to LG X series.

Play Store Got an Inbuilt Uninstall Manager: Download the Update Now!

Google Play Store got a new inbuilt uninstall manager to manage all applications on your phones. Google silently added this feature in Play Store app, I realized about this new feature after last update.

Android Apps Hands-on on Chromebooks: See how it Looks Like

As we all know that Chromebooks now support Android apps. Here is the quick look of Android apps in Chrome Book. Yes, it's true chrome OS users now easily download and run Android apps on their Chromebooks.

Google App v5.14.31 APK Update to Download For Android

Google App got one more update for Android users. Keep your self ready to get new features and enhancements. Just like a Google's web version Google App gives you all features to use on your mobile. It will let you easily search anything from your mobile.

Google Maps Got v9.27 APK Update with New Notification Settings, Friendly Greeting & More

Google Maps v9.27 Beta update with new notification settings, Mini Spalsh screen, & a friendly greeting. Google Maps is included in the beta testing program. You can join the beta testers from here.

Google Play Store 6.7.13 APK to Download for Android Mobile and Tablets

Google has released a new update of the most important app on Android devices, Play Store. Play Store will help you to keep all your apps updated and let you download new apps. You should keep it updated on your device. It's one of the most important apps for Android.

Google+ v8.0 APK Update with New Design Changes Added New Feature to Make Post from Top Home Stream

Google+ got the new update for Android users. Google+ is one of the most popular social media platforms. Billions users are using Google+ across the world. Google has released an update of it's Google+ android app with big changes.

WhatsApp is Working On Video Calls, ZIP File Sharing & More : Get Invite Link

WhatsApp is working on so many new features/projects. They are coming with new video calling, Zip File Sharing, NFC etc.. Kind of new features.

Hangouts v10.0 APK Update, With New Direct Share Feature

Download Google Hangouts latest update to get new the direct share feature. Google has released a new update of the Hangouts Android app with new feature and performance improvements.

Lenovo Zuk Z2 Full Specifications GSMARENA, Price and Other Specs

Lenovo launched their new ZUK Z2 phone in china today. It's a third smartphone from Lenovo in ZUK series mobiles.

Inbox by Gmail 1.24 APK Update to Download Brings Bug Fixes & More

Inbox by Gmail app for Android has received a new update today with some new features and improvements. App is now updated to version 1.24. New update download file size is 18.61 MB. This update support all Android 4.1+ devices.

YouTube v11.20 APK To Download With New Sort Options to The Search Filters

The YouTube, Android app got a new update the with new sort option to the search filters. YouTube, Android app have nice to search for anything on your mobile. There are lots of things missing in mobile version in comparison to the web version of YouTube.