Android Apps Hands-on on Chromebooks: See how it Looks Like

As we all know that Chromebooks now support Android apps. Here is the quick look of Android apps in Chrome Book. Yes, it’s true chrome OS users now easily download and run Android apps on their Chromebooks.

Here I have a quick hands-on video of how Android apps works. Google published this video on their Developers YouTube channel on Friday (i.e 3rd June) for a closer look on how Android app will work in Chrome OS. They have shown each and every detail of it in the video. How Android apps will work on Chrome OS: For Example, You will get Android app notifications as Chrome OS notifications in the lower right corner of the screen.

Here is the Full Video of it:

Obviously there is  some drawback it has to run an Android app on Chromebook. Like you can’t play any  game without touch screen so that will kill your enjoyment.

Hope you liked it, Stay tuned with us for more Android news and updates.


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