Android N Clock v4.5.1 Apk Update with New Resizable Clock Widget and More

Now, days Google is releasing so many updates of their apps. One more update is here, the Android N clock also got a new update today. Some new features I found in this update. Know more about this update below.

What’s New?

  • I have downloaded Clock 4.5.1 update on my Nexus6P. I found Google added new re-sizable Analog and digital clock widgets in this update. Now you can resize the size of the clock with this update.
  • One more change I found, that Google added new drop shadow to the digital clock widget. It’s very minor change, but I found it after some serious observation.
  • Else Minor bug fixes and performance improvements I found.

So, If you like this app, then you should download this app on your phone. The APK file size of this update is only 4.86MB. You can download this update for all Android 4.4 devices. You can download this update from below link.

Clock v4.5.1 APK


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