Google Allo And Duo Both Apps Got an Update with New Logo and New Changes

Google has released a new update of Allo and Duo with new changes in Play Store. Google has announced these both app in the Google I/O 2016 event. Google has promised all users to release the final version in Play Store to download for all. And as promised, they have listed both apps on Play Store.

Yes, it’s true Google has listed both apps on Play Store but they are on pre-order now. But Today, I have noticed one change on both app’s listing in Play Store.

Google has changed the logo of both apps on the Play Store. The Original icon of Allo app is in white letter embedded into a red icon, but Google has changed it with new logo. Allo app icon has got a new blue color icon with white letters. Duo app also got the new icon today. Duo app icon has changed with light Gray background with blue letters on it.

I can’t get what Google is up to? Or it’s a massive change from Google? Anyway, let wait for the apps to be released for download. I am sure both apps will come with lots of new features.

I will update the link to download APK file soon.



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