Google is Coming With its OWN Smartphone: Know Specs and Details

Google is coming in the mobile market with its own new smartphone. Report says Google is taking the new step in the mobile market. They are coming to own new Android smartphone on  the market, which will be different from Nexus devices.

According to The Telegraph reports, Google will ship this device by the end of 2016. The mountain view company takes more control over design and manufacturing and software of this phone.

Now, The Question is what will be the difference in Google’s own device and Nexus device. 

There is no specific detail available for now on Google’s own Android device. But, reports saying that Google will take all control of the device in his own hand and the phone will come with the Google’s brand on them.

Google tried to convince HTC for this opportunity, but because of some opposition from inside a company they canceled the deal. I also found one more report that HTC is making two smartphones for Google.

There is lots of confusion for now about Google’s own mobile. Will update the latest news for the same as soon as I got any updates.


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