Google Maps v9.27.2 APk Update with Feature to See Current Weather/Atmosphere details & More

Google Maps is the most popular navigation app in the market. All Android mobile manufacturers provide this app as a native app. With its helpful features and faster performance Google Maps is on top now. As this app owned by Google so they are trying to make it more and more easy, faster and helpful for Android users.

Google has launched the new update of Google Maps app for Android users. I have downloaded this update to know new features and functionality of this update. I found that they added some new features in this update.

Google has added new Description suggestion option for Android users. Now you can see and suggest a description of the places which include features or specialty of the place, Amenities brief information, and you can also add current atmosphere of that particular place. This new feature will help other users to get information about the particular place.

For Example: You are at some Hill station now and current weather is very cold or rainy. So you can add the weather information for that particular place in the description, so that if any one is looking for that place on Google Maps so he or she can get an idea about the weather.

Overall, I found worth to download this update. You can also download this update for your Android device. This update file size 51.71MB and this update will support all Android 4.2 devices.

Here is the link to download this update:

Google Maps v9.27.2



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