Twitter v6.3.0 APK Update with New Photos Editing Feature: You can Add Stickers to the Photos

Twitter got a new update for Android users. Twitter is making their app easy accessible for mobile users. I found the new apk update today. The App is now updated to v6.3.0.

I have downloaded this update on my Nexus 6P to know about new features of this update. Nothing new I found in this update.

But, Android police have posted something interesting about Twitter. That Twitter has added new photo editing option for mobile users. They have added option to add stickers into the photos.

Here is the official tweet from Twitter with the GIF image of the new stickers feature.

Coming soon! Unleash your creativity by adding fun #Stickers to your photos on Twitter:

— Twitter (@twitter) June 27, 2016

Reports, saying that this feature will be available for Android users in the next few weeks. As it’s a server side feature so I don’t think, this feature will require an app update. But It’s better to keep the app updated.

Here is the link to download latest version APK Update:

Twitter v6.3.0


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