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Google+ v8.3 APK to Update, Get New Image Comments Feature and Community Moderation Option

Google+ got one more new APK update today. Google's first try is always to make their app more and more useful and easy to use for users.


Good News for Google+ Android users. Google added new image comments features to its Google+ app. Now you can add images in your comments. Know more in detail about this update at below.

Today's update is also in that way. Google fixed some major bugs of The Google+ Android app in today's update. Know everything in detail at below.

Google+ v8.3 APK Change-log
Bug Fix for the feature: Easily Start a Post from the Top of the home stream
Performance enhancements and bug fixesEnabled Image Comments FeatureNew Overflow MenuNew Community Moderation Features Google has fixed some major bugs in today's update. As we all know Google+ is one of the most popular social app today. It has lots of features to share and connect with new people from around the world.


Google makes its all Play Family app more and more faster, useful and ea…

Google Play Games v3.7.24 APK Update: New Option to Create Custom Gamer IDs For Pokemon GO

Google Play Games got the new APK update with new features for Android users. Google Play Games will help users to compete with friends and also let you track your achievements while playing games. It's like a back-up of your online mobile games.

Google Play Games has lots of features like, You can record your gameplay with Google Play games and share it to your YouTube Channel. It will also restore your game from where you left off. Google released its new update today with some new features. Know More in detail about it at below.

What's New in Google Play Games v3.7.24

- Gamer IDs now available. Set up your gamer identity today by creating a custom username and selecting an avatar
- Auto-sign in to all games that use Play Games for sign-in
- Bug fixes and other improvements

I have downloaded this update to explore the new features from this update. Know everything in detail at below.

New Option to Create Custom Gamer IDS: Google has added a new Gamer ID feature to its Google…

Google Maps v9.33 Apk Update For All Android 4+ Devices

Google Maps got the new update for Android users. Most popular Mobile navigation app, Google Maps got a new update with some new cool features today. In It's previous update Google has added new Multiple Destinations choosing option to its Maps app.

Today's Google Maps update bumps the app to v9.33. Google is making its map navigation app more an more useful and easy. Today's update is a stable version, Google included all the beta version's feature in this update.

Here is the Full change-log of this update:

New Feature: Added Multiple destination option: You can add multiple destinations to your route with today's update.

  Search For your Places along your route when getting directions

Now you can also add the notes to your days in Yout Timeline to keep track of the memories with today's update.

Become beta tested for Google Maps App :

I have downloaded this update in my Nexus 6P. Working very smooth and fast. I have tried all the new features of …

Gmail v6.7.12 APK Update to Download for Android Users

Gmail is the most popular E-Mail App. Almost everyone is aware of it. It's one of the most used Email services and Gmail is the most used app on Android.

If you are also Gmail lover, then you must have to download this update. As today's update has come with some new cool features. Gmail Android app is now updated to v 6.7.12, here is the build number of this update 5838320. As it's stable version so there will be less bugs you will face in this update.

The APK file size is 17.58MB you can install this update on any Android 4+ mobile.

Here is the Full change-log of this update:
All Mail Account SupportAlso Supports Microsoft Exchange accountsBug FixesPerformance Improvements As we know that Gmail App supports all other Mail id. So, Now you can use all your mail ID in Gmail App.

Gmail is now also supports all your Microsoft Exchange accounts, so you can now login with your Microsoft ID in Gmail App.

Else I found minor bug fixes and Improvements in speed and performance in t…

Google Phone App v4.0 Apk to Download with New Spam Callers Warning Feature

Google Phone App is getting smarter now. Google has improved their Phone and released the new update with some new useful features. Now you will be notified for all spam callers or marketing calls. Today's update got a new inbuilt feature which will notify you for spam caller whenever you got call from any new number.

Pokemon GO Tips: How to Farm More Stardust and Candy Quickly

Quick important tips for Pokemon Lovers. I found the way to Farm Stardust and candy quickly. Lots of people are trying to collect some new Pokemons. Most of the action starts after Level 5 in the game. Once you choose your team, you will face the challenges which require more stardust and candy to overcome. So I got a cool trick to get more candy and stardust in Pokemon Go.

Candy and Stardust, both will help your Pokemon and Make them stronger. Your Pokemon has tot two stats, Hit Point and Combat Points.

CP of your Pokemon will increase along with your trainer level, so you just need to be active always.

Here how you can make your Pokemon more stronger.

First of all Make them evolve, grow them into something better. For that you will need candy, and stardust will help you to make your Pokemon more powerful.

Here how you can Quickly increase the candy and stardust:

Catch More and More Pokemon It will increase your Stardust
If you want to make any specific Pokemon stronger, Just collect …

PRISMA v1.0 Photo Editing App is Now Available to Download For Android Mobiles: List Of Compatible Devices

Google news Android Peoples, Most trending photo editing app Prisma is now also available for Android users. The wait is over now, the which was only available for iOS till now is also available for Android users.

Prisma Got it's First version for Android users. Android mobile devices also can Edit their photos in Munk and Picasso patterns.

Here is what Prisma app is all about:

Prisma app helps you to edit your phone in new unique ways. It will transform your photos into artworks using the styles of famous artists: Munk, Picasso as well as world famous ornaments and patterns.

With the unique combination of neural networks and artificial intelligence turn your memorable moments into timeless art piece.

Here are the Top Feature of the app:

- Modern art filters!
- Stunning photo effects option

- Fast image sharing option

This app supports below devices, If you have any of this phone so go ahead and download this app now!!!

Prisma App Supports all  Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean, API 16) to  A…

Google App v6.2 APK Update to Download With New Auto Map Navigation Mode

Most popular App from the Play family got a new update with cool new automatic features for Android users. Android users will be happy to get this update for sure.

Google was in full form in the last week, as they release so many updates of Play Family apps. One of the latest update from Google is Play Store update. Google app also got the new update today with some new features. Google app now encompasses a custom launcher, the now stream, Now on Tap, voice commands, and more.

Know everything in detail at below:

Here is the basic change-log of Today's Google App update.

- Improved look and feel of the search page
- New doodles are designed for in-app experience

- Offline voice actions (play music, turn on wifi, turn on flashlight) (*Available in US only)
- Web pages open directly inside the app
- Now the cards are grouped according to your interests

Today's update got some more new feature, check it out below:
New Auto Map Navigation ModeOk Google while drivingGoogle assistantDev…

Google Play Store v6.8.24 APK Update to Download For All Android Devices

Android device got a new update for its most important app Play Store. As we know the importance of Play Store for Android users. It helps us to download and install any app on our mobile. Play Store will also keep all your installed apps updated to the latest version.

Google released a new update of its Play Store app today. App is not updated to v6.8.24 F-All and the build number of today's update is 3085398.

I have downloaded this update to explore the new features from this update. Here is the app detail of this update.
App size: 16.34MB
Supported Devices: Android 4 to Android 6 devices I found some new API changes in today's update. Nothing more I found new in this update till now. We are still researching on this update. We will share the update here very soon.

You can download this update from below link:

Google Play Store APK v6.8.24

Google Released Google Translate 5.2.0 APK Update with New Tap to Translate Feature

Google Translate Android app got a new update today. With some new enhancements and features for Android users. Android is the only operating system which gets daily app update with new improvements.

Today we get a new update for Google Translate app with some new features. Google released a new version of Google translate app for Android with new features and stability improvements.

I have downloaded this update to explore the new features from it. Here is the change-log of this update.
Improved StabilityFixed Crash Bugs
New Option: Tap to translate text in any appNew Offline translation file for 52 languages1 Improved Stability: App got more stability towards performance. No more unusual crash, you will face after this update. As they also fixed all crash bugs.

2 New Tap to Translate Text Feature for All App: Google translates app got new tap to translate feature which supports all apps. This new feature will help you to translate every word with just a tap from any app.

You can the AP…

Pokemon GO V0.29.3 APK to Download with Improved Speed For All Android Users

We all already know what is Pokemon Go is. I don't need to describe anything for that. But, I found a new update of Pokemon Go for Android users with some new features. Know everything in detail at below about this update.

What's New?
Fixed Crash BugsImproved Stability and Speed
Improved GPS and Internet Connectivity Today's update is quite important from my view, as they improved the speed, stability and the Internet connectivity of the app.

Fixed Crash Bugs: Some users reported with the complain that they are facing the crash issue while playing the game. You must have to download this update as the developers fixed the crashing issue.

Today's update is all about to improve the app quality and user experience. I have downloaded this update as I am the biggest fan of this game. I really found speed and performance improvements after installing this update. Even it's works faster with slow internet.

Overall, It's an important update for Pokemon Go lovers as they i…

Google Photos v1.24 APK to Download with New Improved Cropping Tool and Sorting Feature

A new update has been released of Google Photos by Google. The app is now updated v1.24. This update comes with some new notable changes and some new features. Find everything in detail at below.

What's  New?
Improved Cropping ToolSorting Options for AlbumsLet's find out the new features in detail.

Improved Cropping Tool: Google improved cropping tool in Photos app. They redesigned it, and upgraded with few  new features. Google made crop tool little bit better with today's update.

Here are the changes: The buttons at the top have been moved to the bottom now, and the rotation slider was slotted into the middle.

They also added a new button at the left of the slider, which open the list of options for constrained crop frames. It will allow users to keep the same aspect ratio, while they are resizing the box. This change will be very handy for preparing a square image to be a profile picture or shaving off some edges.

New Sorting Options for Albums: Look at the overflow menu…

Poke Radar v1.2 APK to Download to Find Pokemon For Pokemon Go

Download Poke Radar Android app to find Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Its first version of the app to download and it supports all Android 4+ devices. Know more in detail at below.

The App works like a radar to find new Pokemons around you. Basically, it's an assistant app to discovering the location of any Pokemon which already been found by other players around you.

The app is very easy and simple to use. You can see all nearby Pokemons around you which have been discovered by you and others on the map screen with all the time and date details.

You can also search any specific Pokemon's Location with the help of this app. Just go to the Filter feature to find your favorite Pokemon's nearest location.

You can upvote and Downvote the Pokemon location submissions of others in the app. If any particular submission receives too many down votes, then the system will automatically remove the submission. Top "Upvoted" submission locations will receive display priority on the …

Apps You Should Avoid to Download While Playing Pokemon Go

Be careful, guys please avoid to download this lock screen on your Android device. It will infect your mobile when you play Pokemon Go.

As we all know Pokémon Go is such a popular game, people ad mad to play this game. But with the entertainment we should also take care of our mobile to save from malware. People used to search for the similar apps on the store for tips, tricks, cheats, etc... And that is where developers come malware that try to use the famous game as bait.

Yes, you should avoid to download and install some similar apps to save your Android device from malware. I found some apps which can harm your phone when you play Pokemon GO. Find the details at below.

First App:

Tematizada Pokemon GO Lockscreen: It's Pokemon Go lock screen app. ESET (The Informatica Security Company), found that the app with the name "Go Ultimate Pokemon", blocking Android mobile's screen just after you open Pokemon Go game. The app force you to turn off your device to insert the …

Download Go Time Podcast - First Pokemon GO Podcast!

Almost every person is talking about Pokemon Go today. As it most popular game today, people are mad to play this game. Just because the game is something entirely new for us.

I have shared lots of things about Pokemon Go recently. There are ton of peoples playing this game and many of us are actually enjoying this new Augmented reality game.

I personally made new friends, and also explored new parts of my city by playing Pokemon GO. It's just a fun to go out and enjoy something with new people.

The company launched Podcast for the game. They named it Go Time. 

Here is the Go Time - a Pokemon Go Podcast!

What is Go Time?

Go Time is a weekly podcast featuring one person from Instinct, Mystic, and Valor sharing their experiences, talking about adventures in the Pokémon Go community.

You can Download this Podcast for your mobile from below link:

Google PlaySoundCloudiTunes Share your thoughts for this by commenting below.

Not everyone is playing Pokemon Go: User Poll From AndroidCentral

As we all know Pokemon Go is the most popular and first AU mobile game in the world. Android Central did a survey to find actual users on Pokemon Go.  There are lots of rumors that people are crazy to play Pokemon Go in US and UK.  As the game got popular in all around the world.

Android Central Asked for the Poll to know the Pokemon Go users.

They found below details from the survey:

Also Read: Install Region Free Pokemon Go APK

They have given below options to vote in Poll:

Of Course I am!
I've downloaded it, but haven't played it muchI'm not playing Pokemon GoI'm not playing and wish people would stop talking about it
Here is the Poll result:

1st Place: 38.9% of the vote was "I'm not playing, I wish people would stop talking about it."2nd Place: 33.4% "Pokemon players managed to snag second place, with "Of course I'm playing"
3rd Place: 16.7% of the Vote for "I'm not playing Pokemon Go"4th Place: 11% of the vote was "I…

Hangouts v11.0.12 APK Update : Video Messaging Support For Some More Android Devices

Some more new Android devices can now use Video messaging feature in Hangout mobile app. Google has added cool new Video messaging feature to its Hangout app.

Yes, Now you can share videos with your hangout friends. You just need to download this update to get this feature.

Here is the full change-log of this update:

- Video messaging is here!
- Conversation merging is no longer available

Know More in Detail at here: Hangouts v11 Change-log Detail

Today's update is to support above features to some more Android devices. Here are  the build number and supported devices list.

Build Number: 23256358  - OS: Android 4.1+ nodpiBuild Number: 23256365  - OS: Android 4.1+ 160dpiBuild Number: 23256367  - OS: Android 4.1+ 160dpi
You can Download the APK File of this update from below link:

Google Hangouts APK

Pokemon Go is Now Available in Almost all Countries: Full List Countries to Download From Play Store

Company (Niantic) has publicly announced on social media that Pokemon Gois now available in almost every country.

All Trainers from all these countries, now be able to go outside and collect their Pokemon.

Here is the list of Countries Released by Company. In all below listed countries you can download Pokemon Go from Play Store.

Also Read: List of Pokemon Go Compatible devices
BulgariaCroatiaCyprusCzech RepublicDenmarkEstoniaFinlandGreeceGreenlandHungaryIcelandIrelandLatviaLithuania
LuxembourgMaltaNetherlandsNorwayPolandRomaniaSlovakiaSloveniaSwedenSwitzerland Above listed all countries, Android users now able to catch their Pokemon by DownloadingPokemon Go From Play Store

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Install Pokemon Go APK (Region Free) Available to Download For Android Users

Install latest Pokemon Go APK on your Android device today. I got region free version to download for all you my visitors. Now, any region Android user can Play this game on their Android device.

You can play this game by using Pokemon wearable. Start playing this game today and find your own Pokemon around you.

Things you will need to play this Game:

Compatible Android Device: Here is the list of compatible phones

Pokemon Wearable

Here, How you can Install Region free Pokemon Go on Android devices.

The game is unavailable in my region Brazil, but I could download it with apk pure, just set the region to Australia!!


Proof 2: Someone gilded me in the original comment:

Also Read: How to Save Battery and Data while Playing Pokemon Go

If you are from one of the regions where Pokemon Go has been officially released for Android, So you can download it directly from the Play Store.


Pokemon Go v0.29.0 APK to Download It works on All Android 4+ Devices

Download Pokemon Go v0.29.0 APK to start playing first Augment Reality based Android game. It's PlayStore listing is now live in selected countries.

But you can download direct APK file, if you want to play this game and you are not included in the list of countries.

We got the official APK file to download for All Android users and for all Android countries.

They released this game after 20 years of research and hard work. They actually deserve overnight success for this.

Here is what you will get in first Pokemon GO v0.29.0.

You can collect the Pokemons, play battles with other Pokemons, and You can Play this game by just roaming around.

You need to find the Pokemons. As you will be walking around a neighborhood, you will get notifications when there's Pokemon nearby. Aim to the Pokemon and throw a Poké Ball to catch them. You’ll have to be stay alert to play it.

Some Pokemon's you will find near their actual environment. For example: For water type Pokemon, look for lake…

How to Save Battery and Data while Playing Pokemon Go

It's most popular and first mobile augmented reality game which has a record breaking users. People are dying to play this game on their mobile.

Here is one Good news for you. The APK file is now available to download for all regions. Download Pokemon Go v0.29.2 from here.

As we all know that Pokemon Go is the huge battery hog. As the game uses your phones GPS, graphics processor, cellular radio and camera and it will also keep your screen on.

Also read: Pokemon Go Compatible Android Devices

To know how much battery does Pokemon Go really drain, we did one test.

Pokemon Go Battery Test:

I did this test with 100% full battery in my mobile.

Also checked below factors:

Screen brightness (brighter = more battery drain)Cell strength (less = more battery drain as phone tries to boost the signal)Background applications (we wanted to be sure we were measuring Pokemon Go, not other apps)
I did testing with My Nexus 6P:

I turned off the auto brightness option, disabled all our background apps an…

Clock v4.5.1 Apk Update with Multi-Window and Android N Support: Download APK

Google has released the latest update of its clock app with some new features and improvements. Google clock has advanced features and classy, attractive look.

I found a new update of it for Android users, with some new features and improvements. Today's update got some major improvements.

What's New?
Android N support
Multi-window supportDirect Boot supportWarning when alarms are silenced by device settingsThe Google Clock app got above listed new features in today's update. Know more in detail at below.

Android N Support: Today's update comes with support for Android N Nougat devices. Now Clock will also work on Android N  devices.

List of Android N Compatible Devices:

Multi-Window Support: Clock app now also supports multi-window feature. You can use the app even while you are using 2 windows at the same time.

Direct Boot support: alarms can now ring before the device has been unlocked

New Warning alert, when alarms are silenced by device settings.

Overall, I found this…

Pokemon Go Compatible Android Devices & Countries/Regions: Know Which device to choose to Play it!!!

Wait is over now you can also play Pokemon Go into your Android device. As we all know Pokemon Go is the most popular game today. That's why we made a list of compatible Android devices and supported regions.

We know that almost every Android user wants to play this game on their mobile. But as this game is using latest augmented reality technology, the game is only compatible for some limited devices. Find the full list of compatible devices here.

Pokemon Go Region Support: After Today's Pokemon Go v0.29.2 APK update, the game is now supported for all regions.

Pokemon Go Compatible Devices:

Previous version of Pokemon GO was supported for some limited regions and limited Android devices. But latest update of Pokemon Go v0.29.2 is now supported for all below listed Android devices.

Download latest update of Pokemon Go APK: Pokemon Go v0.29.2 APK.

List of Pokemon Go Compatible Devices: 

This game is now supported for all Android 4.4+ to Android 7.0 devices. So if you have an Andro…

Pokemon Go v0.29.2 APK With Some New Android Device Compatibility

As Pokemon Go is the most popular app today. We have latest app update for Android users. It's first augmented reality based mobile game. You can play this game in real world.

You just need to roam around in real life to play this game.

Know how to play this game with your Android phone: Pokemon Go Tips

You can play this game on any Android 4+ devices. Move on and start catching your favorite Pokemon.

The App got its first update for Android users today. I have downloaded this update on my Nexus 6P. Today's update is for more new Android devices.

Today's update is to support some new Android devices. Know more in detail about this update.

App Detail:

The Pokemon Go app is now updated to v0.29.2 with build number 2016071201. You can install this update on All Android 4.4+ devices. The APK file size of this update is 58.06MB.

App Change-log:
New Android Device Support:Bug FixesSpeed Improvements Today's update got some new Android device compatibility. Now you can Install P…

Now Record & Send Videos on Hangouts with Hangouts v11.0.1 APK Update Download Now

Hangouts v11.1.125 APKupdate with new option to record and send videos to any of your contacts. Google has released the latest update of Hangouts messenger with some new features and improvements.

We are addicted of Hangouts to chat with someone, and Recently, Google released an option to share files on it. Today's Hangouts update got a very useful feature for Android users.

Google added new video messaging feature to its hangouts app. So now you can record and share video on Hangouts with your friends. One more feature Google added in its Play Family app from Android N.

Google first allowed iOS users to record and send video in Feb 2014. After almost 2 years they released this feature for Android users.

App Detail: 

The Hangouts app is now updated to v11.0.125 with the build number 23256876 and 23256383. The app will be supported for all Android 4.1+ devices, as the update available in 320dpi and 400-480dpi version. The file size of this update is 26.07MB.

App Change-log:
Video Messa…

Inbox by Gmail v1.27 Update: Google Added new Direct Sharing & Vacation Responders Feature: Download APK

Google has published a new update of the Inbox app for Android users with some new features and changes. Google added some cool new features like direct sharing and vacation responders some more new features in today's update.

Know more in detail about this update here. I have downloaded this update to share details about new features of this update with all you my visitors.

App details:

The app is now updated to v1.27 with the build number 6243691. You can install this update on any Android 4.1+ devices. Update available on ARM and ARM64 version.

Change-log & New Features:
Added New Vacation RespondersDirect sharing to frequent contacts - If you're on Android Marshmallow, the people you email often may appear in the Android sharing options.Bug fixes and performance improvements
• Added New Vacation Responders: It's a very unique feature. Many users wanted to respond to their emails even when they're on vacation. Means for some time in a day we are not available to ch…

How to Install & Play Pokemon Go on Any Android Device: Pokemon Go Tips

Are you a Pokemon Fan? If yes, then here is the good news for you. As we all know now a days Pokemon Go game is the most popular Android game. People are mad to play this game. It's first augmented reality Android game.

First of all, What is Pokemon Go? You should know about it...

It's an augmented reality Android game. You just need to find Pokemon by roaming around in real life, you will be notified when a Pokemon is around to catch on your mobile display. This game will use your camera. It's really very advanced and cool game. As this game uses your real life surroundings as the map for the game.

How to Install & Play Pokemon Go on Android Devices.

Official release of Pokemon Go is only for some selected countries, but I have the APK file to install this game by avoiding region restrictions. Just go through below link to download APK file of Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go APK

Once got the APK file, follow the instructions to complete the Installation process.

Now Open the gam…

Save Any HD Videos From Facebook Without PC, Direct on Your Mobile

Save any video from Facebook on your Android phone. We are used to check Facebook on our mobile after every 5 minutes. We do chatting on Facebook, we share our thoughts on Facebook, We share photos on Facebook, and we also watch and share videos on Facebook.

Today, I am sharing cool trick to save videos without PC. Yes, Now you can save any Facebook video direct on your Android device.

You don't need to root your phone to download videos from facebook on your Android mobile.

Just Follow below steps:

1 Before we start you need to download Video downloader app Here is the link to download the Video Downloader app:

Video Downloader APP:

2 Once you download the app, login with your Facebook account.:

3 Now you are able to browse through your Facebook Account.

4 Now find the video which you want to download and click on it. You will get the option to download that video.

5 Just click to download button to start downloading the video.

6 Video will be directly saved in gallery.

Hope you …

Google Play Store 6.8.21 APK to Download With New Features Improvements

Download latest update of Google Play Store. The most important app for Android mobiles. Play Store will help you to download and update applications and games on your Android mobile.

Today's update is the fresh new version of Google Play Store app. Google has released v6.8.21 (F-all [0] 3036847). The build number of this update is 80682100.

Download this update's APK File From Below link:

Google Play Store v6.8.21 APK

Google Release this update with the focus on Android auto Android N devices. They are trying to improve the user experience. As it's a stable update so you can Install it in any Android 4+ devices. I have downloaded it to explore the new features and changes from this update.

Our developer team is working on it to explore new things from this update. We will shortly update the proper information about the new features here.

Stay tuned with our post to get updates...

Google Maps v9.32 Beta APK Update With New Traffic Notification and More

Download latest Google Maps beta update today. Google has released a new update of its Maps app for Android users with some new features and improvements. Some major changes I found in today's update, especially for those who can't be accessed with Internet while driving.

Yes, As we all know that a few weeks ago Google added an offline maps feature which help you to get the proper navigation to your destination even when you are offline. Today's update is also for offline mode. They have added new traffic notifications feature in offline maps. So, now you will get the traffic notifications even when you are offline.

Here is the full change-log of todays Update:

Google Maps v9.32 beta Change-Log

Offline Maps and New Traffic Notifications
Remove locations you've never been to from the Contribute screen
Great New Images

As we all know that Google Maps is the most popular navigation app which is owned by Google itself. Google has started the beta program for Google Maps app…