Google Phone App v4.0 Apk to Download with New Spam Callers Warning Feature

Google Phone App is getting smarter now. Google has improved their Phone and released the new update with some new useful features. Now you will be notified for all spam callers or marketing calls. Today’s update got a new inbuilt feature which will notify you for spam caller whenever you got call from any new number.

Google always tries to make their services and products more easy and useful for users. The Today Company released a new update of Google phone app with some new features and enhancements.

Here is the full change-log of today’s update:

  • Suspected Spam Caller: Notification
  • Clear frequents” option added to the overflow menu

Suspected Spam Caller: Notification : The Google Phone app now will notify you for all spam calls. Whenever you get the call from any unknown number. It will notify you with the big red screen and this message “Suspected Spam Caller” on your screen.

That will help you to block some of the obnoxious callers, particularly as election season is picking up the steam in the US. So this feature will help you to stop receiving spam calls.

Download the APK file of a Google Phone, to get all above listed features from below link:

Google Phone Apk


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