Google Photos v1.24 APK to Download with New Improved Cropping Tool and Sorting Feature

A new update has been released of Google Photos by Google. The app is now updated v1.24. This update comes with some new notable changes and some new features. Find everything in detail at below.

What’s  New?

  • Improved Cropping Tool
  • Sorting Options for Albums

Let’s find out the new features in detail.

Improved Cropping Tool: Google improved cropping tool in Photos app. They redesigned it, and upgraded with few  new features. Google made crop tool little bit better with today’s update.

Here are the changes: The buttons at the top have been moved to the bottom now, and the rotation slider was slotted into the middle.

They also added a new button at the left of the slider, which open the list of options for constrained crop frames. It will allow users to keep the same aspect ratio, while they are resizing the box. This change will be very handy for preparing a square image to be a profile picture or shaving off some edges.

New Sorting Options for Albums: Look at the overflow menu to see the new changes in album section. They have placed all important addition in new command to change album’s the sorting mode.

Overall, I found this update worth to download: Find the   link below to download APK file.

Google Photos APK v1.24


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