Google Play Store v6.8.24 APK Update to Download For All Android Devices

Android device got a new update for its most important app Play Store. As we know the importance of Play Store for Android users. It helps us to download and install any app on our mobile. Play Store will also keep all your installed apps updated to the latest version.

Google released a new update of its Play Store app today. App is not updated to v6.8.24 F-All and the build number of today’s update is 3085398.

I have downloaded this update to explore the new features from this update. Here is the app detail of this update.

  • App size: 16.34MB

  • Supported Devices: Android 4 to Android 6 devices

I found some new API changes in today’s update. Nothing more I found new in this update till now. We are still researching on this update. We will share the update here very soon.

You can download this update from below link:

Google Play Store APK v6.8.24


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