Pokemon Go Compatible Android Devices & Countries/Regions: Know Which device to choose to Play it!!!

Wait is over now you can also play Pokemon Go into your Android device. As we all know Pokemon Go is the most popular game today. That’s why we made a list of compatible Android devices and supported regions.

We know that almost every Android user wants to play this game on their mobile. But as this game is using latest augmented reality technology, the game is only compatible for some limited devices. Find the full list of compatible devices here.

Pokemon Go Region Support: After Today’s Pokemon Go v0.29.2 APK update, the game is now supported for all regions.

Pokemon Go Compatible Devices:

Previous version of Pokemon GO was supported for some limited regions and limited Android devices. But latest update of Pokemon Go v0.29.2 is now supported for all below listed Android devices.

Download latest update of Pokemon Go APK: Pokemon Go v0.29.2 APK.

List of Pokemon Go Compatible Devices: 

This game is now supported for all Android 4.4+ to Android 7.0 devices. So if you have an Android phone with any Android version of  it so you can install and play this game in your mobile.

Here is the list of mobile manufacturers who support Pokemon Go

  • Samsung
  • HTC

  • LG
  • Sony
  • Xiaomi
  • Micromax
  • Lenovo

  • Huawei
  • Asus
  • One plus
  • XOLO

If you have any device from the above list with compatible Android version, then take action now and download the app today.

Download latest update of Pokemon Go APK: Pokemon Go v0.29.2 APK


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