Google Photos v1.25 Apk Update With New Video Stabilization and Access to Ban or Remove the Users from Album

Download the latest APK update of Google photos. This new update will allow you to block access of your photo album to any individual user. So now you can choose, who can access your photo album.

Google added some new advanced feature to its Google photos Android app. This update will allow users to manage the permission to access the photo album. You can ban any individual user from shared albums. They also added new video stabilization feature in this update. Here is the full teardown at below.

What’s New/Change-log?

  • Block/Ban Unwanted Users from Shared albums:
  • “Free up space” feature added to the navigation drawer
  • Video Stabilization

This new feature in today’s update will help you to kick out unwanted users of shared albums. They added a new tool which can be accessed by album owner to remove users who don’t play nicely from the album. Owner can also block the user which has joined the album.

Here, how you can remove the user from your shared album:

Open the profile of that user, which you want to remove from the shared album. Now go to the overflow menu and scroll down to the bottom. You will see the newly added overflow menu with the option to block that user.

New Option to Free Up Some Space:

Google Photos is all about saving all your photos and videos date on the cloud. Google added a new shortcut option to wipe out locally stored files after they had been successfully backed up to Google’s servers. You can find that option on the settings screen because there’s now an entry in the navigation drawer that launches it directly.

Video Stabilization Feature:

Google Photos now have its own video stabilization feature. Which will help you to record video with proper image stabilization.

Overall, I found worth to download this update on my phone as it has lots of new features.

Download the APK File of this Update From Below link

Google Photos v1.25


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