Google+ 8.8 APK to Download For Android 4+ Users

Google+ 8.8 APK to Download For Android 4+ Users

Good news for Android 4+ users, Google has launched a new update of the Google+ app with some new features and enhancements. Know more everything in detail at below.

I found lots of updates by Google today, for Android users. You can check our home page for latest update.

Anyway, let’s talk about Google+ v8.8 APK update. I have downloaded the update in my Xiaomi Mi 5.

There is not any Major feature or change I found in  the app after this update. But Still I found the app performance enhancements and bug fixes in the app.

You can access below features more faster:

  • Explore your interests
  • Join Communities of people around any topic

  • Group things you love into Collections
  • Build a home stream filled with amazing content

Here is the other App detail of Google v8.8 APK Update:

  • APK version: Google v8.8.0.13APK
  • APK File Size: 22.42 MB
  • APK OS Support: Android 4.0.3 to Android 6

Click to the below link to Download the APK File of this update:

Google+ v8.8 APK

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