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Google App v6.5.31 APK to Download: Beta Update by Google for All Android Users

Google App v6.5.31 APK to Download: Beta Update by Google for All Android Users

It's seems like Google is in planning for something very big this time. Recently, I found the leaked images and APK file of Google Pixel Launcher. I found some major changes in design and layout in this update.

Else, One more update of the Google Search app has been released today by the Company. It's a beta version, know more about this update in detail at below.

What's New?
  • New^^ Improved look and feel of the search page
  • New^^ New doodles are designed for in-app experience
  • New^^ Offline voice actions (play music, turn on wifi, turn on flashlight) (*Available in US only)

  • New^^ Web pages open directly inside the app
  • New^^ Now cards are grouped according to your interests
We found above Change-log from APKMIRROR

As it's an beta version, we are analyzing the app to know about the new features of it.

Here is the App Details:
  • APK version: Google App v6.5.31 APk
  • APK File Size: 38.52MB
  • App Support: APK File Will support in All Android 4.1 to Android 7.0 devices.
Click below to Download the APK file of this Update:

Google App v6.5.31 APK


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