Google Pixel Launcher apk to download

Download Pixel Launcher APK to your Android device now. I am sharing the leaked APK file to all your my visitor. You can download it in free.
I found the leaked APK file of the upcoming Google pixel launcher. LlabTooFeR tweeted some screenshots of new launcher design and features on his account. 

The Pixel Launcher solidifies our beliefs that Google’s smartphones will be called the Pixel and Pixel XL this year. In addition, its version number of 7.1-3231428 indicates again that it’s very likely the aforementioned Pixel devices will ship with 7.1 Nougat. Pixel Launcher is the upcoming Nexus launcher by Google. I have all the details and APK file to download of the Launcher.

The zip below contains both the Pixel Launcher and the Wallpaper picker APKs. Unzip them, then install through a file manager.

Click Below to Download Pixel Launcher APK

Pixel Launcher Mega APK



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