Google Allo v2 APK to Download With Quick Reply, GIF Keyboard, Direct Share and More
Google’s smart messaging app Allo got the new update today. Grab the new update for some new exciting features ASAP.
Know everything about this update at below.

What’s New?

Here is the full change-log of the update. You will surely love to download this update after knowing the new features.

  • Direct replies in notifications: Google added a cool new feature in the Allo messaging app. The first feature I found in this update is a direct reply from notifications. Yes, Google added a quick reply option to its Allo messaging app.
  • Direct share: I also found a direct share option in after installing this update. The Direct share feature will help you to share files and documents easily.

  • App shortcuts for Android 7.1+: This is the special feature for Android 7.1 users, Google added an app shortcut feature which is now limited to Android 7 users.
  • GIFs in keyboard for Android 7.1+: This feature is also limited for Android 7 Nougat users.
Else, I found improvements in other features like,
  • Monochrome Chat in settings
  • Multitasking
  • Splash screen
  • Incognito key alerts
  • Landscape
Here are the other app details:
  • App Version: 2.0
  • APK File Size: 14.76 MB
  • APK File Supported devices:  Android 4.1+ Devices
Click Below to Download the APK File of this Update:

Allo Apk v2.0


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