Google Play Store v7.1 Apk to Download For All Android 4+ Devices

Google Play Store got the new update today for Android devices. The most important Android app Play Store got the new update today. Play Store got the new 7.1 update. Know what’s new this update at below.

What’s New?

I have installed this update on my Google Pixel. I haven’t found any major feature or change in design.

We are still doing analysis on this update to find the new changes and new features from this update.

Here is the other app detail:

  • Apk Version: v7. [0] [PR] 136905526
  • Apk File Size: 17.12MB
  • Apk Supported Devices: Android 4 to Android 7 devices

Click below to Download the APK file of this Update:

Google Play Store v7.1


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