Watch Google Pixel launcher Live Streaming: Google's Pixel Launch Event

Watch the biggest Android Launch Event of the year Live on your PC and mobiles. Yes, I am also sharing the live streaming of the event for mobile users.

We are less than 3 hours away from the Pixel Launch Event. This event would be the most memorable event in recent Android history. Lead of the Android Hiroshi Lockheimer announced the launch of the event on his twitter ID. Here, what he tweeted.

We announced the 1st version of Android 8 years ago today. I have a feeling 8 years from now we’ll be talking about Oct 4, 2016.

— Hiroshi Lockheimer (@lockheimer) September 24, 2016

Here is the Live Streaming Video of the Event:

You can see the countdown till the event starts. You can also watch this live streaming on any mobile device as I have shared the YouTube Live streaming video above.

Here is the time details:

  • London: 5PM
  • San Francisco: 9AM
  • Denver: 10AM
  • New York: 12PM
  • Chicago: 11AM
  • Sydney: 2AM
  • Berlin: 6PM
  • Singapore: 12AM
  • Tokyo: 1AM
  • New Delhi: 9:30PM

Here’s a small introduction and what to expect from the today’s event:

  • Two New Phones of Google: Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL
  • Android Nougat 7.1

  • Google Magic: It’s a new feature for Android users, which we found in pixel leak. It might be a Google Assistant or unlimited Photos storage option.
  • Daydream
  • Google Home
  • Chromecast 4K: Yes, Chromecast 4k version is coming in this fall.
  • Andromeda
  • Huawei Nexus Tablet

Lots of new things are coming today by Google. Let’s enjoy the live event.

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