Action Launcher v33.12 APK Update With New Badge Support and Customize Dock

Android Action Launcher got the new update with some new enhancements and features. Christ Lacy has released this new update today. The Update will support all Android 4.1+ devices.

Here is the full change-log of this update.

My team has  downloaded this update in Google Pixel and found below new features.

  • Unread badge support.
  • Scrolling dock pages.

  • Quickpage is available for all users.
  • Customize dock separator color via Quicktheme.
  • Infinite home screen/dock page scrolling.

Recently added:

  • Quickcuts, which brings Android 7.1’s app shortcuts to current Android versions.
  •  Pixel Launcher’s sliding All Apps page, which is opened by swiping up on the dock.

  • Two Pixel Launcher folder styles.
  • Tinted dock background & caret page indicator.
  • Google pill & date widgets.

Overall, we found that the update have lots of new features to make your Android phone more easy and flexible to use.

Here is the Link to Download APK file Click Below:

Android Action Launcher APK


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