Google Comes with On Tap's Screenshot feature for Assistant

Google brings new On tap’s screenshot feature to assistant. As per the research, now Google got in a habit to passing all sorts of features and incomplete ideas to Google Now on Tap. Google is now focusing more on the Voice control and connected services.

In today’s update Google has added new screenshot feature to its Now On Tap assistant.

This feature appears to still be rolling out, but it’s subtle enough you might have it and not even realize (I have this, but most AP staff does not). The screenshot feature is available in the stripped down screen search feature that’s part of Assistant (maybe you didn’t even know that was a thing). When you open Assistant on any screen other than the home screen, you can scroll down to get cards about screen contents.

Google added new share screenshot button at the bottom of On tap. You just need to press that share button to shar take the screenshot and to share it immediately.


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