Google Released [Chrome Canary v57.0.29 APK to Download] With Cool new Features

Google Chrome’s next version Chrome Canary Android app update has been released by Google today with new enhancements and features. Know everything in detail about this update at below.

What’s New?

  • Add layout test suppression for upcoming Skia DEPS roll
  • Not to be landed until Skia is about to start rolling again
  • Removes mouse listeners from UserInputMonitor.
  • DevTools: Slim down timeline overview height
  • Use ThreadChecker in metrics_service.
  • Fix how we constrain width/height by min/max

  • According to the spec:
  • – if min/max change the computed length, the algorithm should run
  • again with length being the clamped length value.
  • This also fixes a single failing test.
  • Migrate Timer to TaskRunnerTimer in AXObjectCacheImpl.
  • Migrate Timer to TaskRunnerTimer in AXObjectCacheImpl.
  • UnspecedTimer was choosed as TaskType.
  • because it is not speced task.
  • Revert of Use ICCProfile to construct SkColorSpace (patchset #1 id:1 of )
  • Integration tests for WebStateDelegate::OnAuthRequired callback.
  • Import csswg-test@e57cbfea6ebe816381809224ecd731e4f131951e
  • Move one system_network_api unit test to extensions_unittests target.

Know Full change-log here

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Chrome Canary v57.0.29 APK


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