Android O Features  Preview: Spotlight on Some New Animations of the Most Advanced Android OS
Image Source: AndroidPolice

The most advanced Android OS features preview. We are here with the glimpse of the animations from Android O, v8. Android O announced last week by the Google, with some limited amount of features of the OS. We found something new today, and sharing it with all you.

Here is the notification panel, animations and the feel of the Android O notification section.

The way Google applied an animation effect is very unique and attractive. I haven’t seen the notification shade animation effect like this smooth and attractive in any other Android customized or into any other mobile OS.

Do check-out the slow motion video of this effect in below video.

You can see, how the icons are in that bottom strip as you open the shade. Then, they slide up as the notification they are connected to is revealed.

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Video Source : AndroidPolice


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