Enable Trip and Real Time Location Sharing on Google Maps : Download Google Maps v9.49 APK

Google maps got the most awaiting feature for all Android 4+ devices. The app got the real time location sharing and a lot more features to make your travel experience better.

What’s New? Change-log?

  • Real Time Location Sharing Option
  • Real Time Trip Info Sharing
  • Bug Fixes and Performance Improvement

Above change-log I Found from the APK MIRROR and from clintonfitch. 
Real time, location sharing option was, the most awaited feature which we wanted to get in the Google maps app. The location sharing feature is like you may actually want to have in your phone to share your current location with your friends and family while on trip or traveling some where.

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Know how Google Maps new real time location feature works? and How to use it?

Once, you download this update (Find the link to download the apk file at the end of the post.), You will get an share location option in the menu. Simply tap that option and select anyone from the contacts list to share you real time location.

Once you start sharing the real time location with any particular contact, that contact will get a notifications on their phone whenever then open  the Google Maps app. You can also set the particular time of automatically sharing your real time location or you can also turn that fetaure off to stop sharing your real time location.

The feature will also works to sharing trips with your contacts.

Below is the GIF to show you, how this feature works.

Enable Trip and Real Time Location Sharing on Google Maps : Download Google Maps v9.49 APK

Google made this feature to works on cross platform. This feature also works on the desktop via a browser or even a mobile browser.

Go through the below link to download this update  :

Google Maps v9.49.2 APK



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