Google Announced New Account Management Tool “Family Link”: Know Everything in Detail

“Google announces Family Link, a tool for creating and managing Google accounts for kids under 13”

Google Announced New Account Management Tool "Family Link": Know Everything in Detail

As we all know that Google has never allowed anyone to create a Google account under the age of 13. Well, now with new Family Link feature of Google, you don’t have to lie to create a Google account for any under 13 age person.

What is Family Link?

Family Link is the new feature/option by Google to create a Google Account for any under 13age person. You can only use this feature Once you get the invitation of this feature from anyone & the feature is now only available for US. This feature also gives you built-in advanced parental control option.

How to Set-up the Family Link Feature or How to Use Family Link?
You will need Family Link app to set-pup the Family link account for your kid. That app will also help you to manage and monitor the device activity.

Google Announced New Account Management Tool "Family Link": Know Everything in Detail

Most important thing is an Android Nougat Phone to use Family Link app. As the app works only on  Android Nougat devices.

The parental controls include:

  • Screen time tracking
  • Bedtime schedules
  • App rating limits

The Account set-up for under 13 kid (Family Link Account) is not free, You will have to pay 0.30$ while setting-up the account.

This feature is only to create Google account for Kids, Google will reach out and give the birthday boy or girl the option of transitioning to a regular Google account, over which their parents have no control.

Do checkout the official Google Family App Website at below link

Official Website

Download the Android APP of Family Link from below Link

Family Link APp