Google log-in-page-new-look-design

New Look for Google Sign-in Page is Here: New, Faster & easier way to Sign in to your Google Account

Google is coming with New Google account, sign in look and page. Find out the new design, features and know why Google is changing the current signing page.

Today in the Morning I found this notification while Login into my Google account. Here I am sharing the full changes and reason behind change of Google login page.

When the new look will be Live for All?

From the next few weeks, means from the month of April 2017 Google Account login page will look a different.

Which features will be the same?

    • The steps to sign in won’t change. You’ll enter the same information you usually do, like your email address and password.
  • You can use your account to sign in securely to the same Google services as before.”

Reason Behind this change, Why Google changing this page?

The new sign-in page will:

  • New design will have Have a cleaner, simpler look.
  • Make the sign-in process faster.
  • Be consistent across computers, phones, and tablets.

Where this change will happen

The new sign-in page will show up on computers, phones, and tablets. You’ll see it when you sign in to a Google app or a Google service on a browser, like Chrome.

You might still see the old sign-in page in these cases:

    • You use an older version of a browser
  • You’ve turned off JavaScript

How to help keep your account secure

Both the old and new sign-in pages help you sign in securely to your Google Account.
To take extra steps to strengthen your account’s security, we recommend that you:



Source : Google Support