How to Fix Your Slow Android Phone : Specialy Samsung Users

How to Fix Your Slow Android Phone : Specialy  Samsung Users
Are you tired from your slow Android phone. Here I have a quick solution make your slow Android phone, fast again.

Is It Possible?

Yes, it's possible to make your old slow Android phone fast again. Just follow below steps.

First Step:

Delete all those apps you're not using: Delete all of those app which you are not using or which you just installed to use for one time.

This step will make extra space in your phone.

Clean up that device storage space: You should frequently clean the junk from your phone. Just, Remember all those times you said, "Wait, let me take another one" while you had the camera open? All those pictures you didn't want are still there. So are the screenshots you took to share then promptly forgot all about them. Add in the Downloads folder and you just might have one hell of a mess. I know I do.

You can do this manually by deleting the old photos and files or you can use apps like CC cleaner or 360 Security - Antivirus Boost to perform this task.

Clear your cached data: Clearing the cached from your phone will give the extra Ram space to your phone, which will help other apps to work properly. CC Cleaner can help you to perform this step.

Factory Reset:

We recommend you to try this step only when you phone still working slow after performing the all below task. And take the backup first before doing the factory reset.

Go to the Settings > General> Reset.