Play Store Got new App and Notification icons & Updated to v7.8.16 APK

Google keeps changing the things to give the best experience to the users. A new version of Play Store app has been released by Google with new icons, app launcher and notifications. Do find the full app hands-on below.

The new icons leaves the background shopping bag icon as Google call Play store an Android market.

We also observed minor changes in notification icons. These also trade away the tote bag motif for the Google Play triangle, but slightly adjusted with the checkmark extending beyond the lines.

In the new update, notification icons come in a different color for each of the content stores like apps, books, movies. Whenever you update or install more than one – is no longer a stack of blocks, it’s just the same triangle app icon used with single installs.

Do find the link below to download the APK File.

Google Play store v7.8.16 APK to download


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