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Inbox By Gmail v1.50 APK Update with Undo Featu re For All Android 4+ Devices

Download the latest update of Inbox Android here. The app got updated to v1.50.159907633 with better performance and bug fixes. Do checkout the full change-log of this update below.

What's New/Change-log?

The new version of Inbox Android have undo action feature. How this new feature will help you:  You can now undo an action taken inside a notification. It was the major change we found in this update.
Else, we found the performance improvement and the bug fixes in this update.

Above changes we found by exploring the APK update. We installed it on Nexus 6p.

Go to the below link to download the APK file of this update.

Inbox by Gmail v1.50 APK to Download

Google + Turns Six Year Old Today: Let's Celebrate The Birthday Together

Google's most popular Social Media App Google+ turns Six years old today. Six years is very long time in the Android world. We can say that now Google+ is mature enough to comes with new futuristic features. The app has been launched Today in 2011. But yet the app doesn't have the users like Facebook.

Most of the people use Google+ to leave a comment on YouTube. Still, G+ has retained a small (relative to other social networks) but dedicated user base over the years, and even became a core product in G Suite (Google's suite of products for enterprise use). That's not to say there haven't been growing pains - spam has become a serious problem in the past few months.

Download the Latest Update of Google+ from below link:

Google + APk Update to Download

We are very much active on Google+ today, Below is our link of the Google+ profiles and Google+ pages.

AndroidUpdater Google+

Google+ v9.15 APK Update To Download with Performance Enhancements

The Google+ Android app got bug fixes and performance improvement update for all 4.4+ devices. Know more details of this update below.

What's New?

Bug FixesApp Functionality ImprovementSpeed Improvement
AndroidUpdater's expert Android developers found above change-log while exploring the APK update. You must keep all the app updated for the better performance. Find the link below to download the APK File of this update.

Google+ v9.15 APK

Google Maps v9.56 Beta APK Update to Download From Trusted Sources

The Google Map's new update is here with some new features and enhancements. Nothing much changes we found while exploring this update. Minor  app functionality improvement and bug fixes is there.

Performance improvement : Improvement in Live traffic and nearby parking feature.Bug FixesMinor Design Enhancement Our expert Android developers found above change-log while exploring the APK update. But we must keep all the app updated for the better performance. So all beta users Find the link below at the end of the post to download the APK file.

Google Maps v9.56 APK

APK File is from trusted source (Android Police) so go ahead and download this update.

Gboard v6.3 APK Update For All Android 4+ Devices with Emoji Handwriting & More New Features

Gboard keyboard app received new update for all Android 4+ users with new feature enhancement and User experience improvement. Find the full hands-on of this update below.
Gbaord v6.3 APK Update Change-log:

Emoji handwriting: Draw your favorite emoji to find themUpdated Search cardsPhrase suggestions and predictionsSuggestions & glide typing in: Azerbaijani (Iran), Dhivehi, French (Belgium), Hawaiian, Maori, and SamoanNew language layouts: Dzongkha, Ewe, Navajo, Tsonga, and K'iche'Bug fixes Above Change-log we AndroidUpdater found from APKMirror which is owned by Android Police.
Emoji Handwriting feature has been released before 2 weeks for Gboard keyboard app. Do find out the full details of Emoji handwriting feature here.
The most notable change we found is improvement is search cards which will make your search experience more easy and fast.
Click to Below link to download the APK file

Gboard v6.3 APK to download

That's It. Keep in touch with us for more update.

Nova Launcher to Download for Lollipop User with Google Now Integration

The custom Android Launcher app Nova launcher got the new update for Lollipop users. The main downsides of all custom launcher was that they can't access the Google Now pane.

Know everything in detail about this update here.

Today's update also supports Lollipop users. Go through the below link to download the APK file

Nova launcher v1.1 APK 

Google Play Music v7.9 APK To Download with New Search History and Notification Channels [Quick Post]

Google Play Music Android app got the new update with some new enhancements and features. We haven't found any noticeable changes in the update. Below is the full apk hands-on of this update.

Below are the APK change-log:

Link to Music search historyNotification channels (Android O)
Above changes we found in this update which you will get by installing the APK file of Google Play Music v7.9. Link you can find from the end of the page.

Here is the Full APK hands-on of this update: Google Play Music

Go through the below link to download the APK File

Google Play Music v7.9 APk

Google Play Store v7.9.80 APK to Download For All Android 4+ Devices

Google Play Store have the new update today for all Android 4+ Devices. The APK file is available to download for all region and for all Android devices which are running on Android 4 and above version. Find the full change-log  below.

What's New? Change-Log:

API changesPerformance ImprovementMinor Design Changes We are doing the proper research on today's update to explore the full change-log of this update. Will update this post with the proper info and full APK hands-on.

You can Download the APK File of this update from below link

Google Play Store v7.9.80 APK

Order/Buy OnePlus 5 Online Right Now : No Invite Required / Without Invitation

Now You don't required invite to buy OnePlus 5, you can buy is easy by using below code.

NOTE: Supply/Code is extremely limited, so you have to act fast.

OnePlus has announced the OnePlus 5 publicly, and it now available to buy. But The company hasn't completely opened up sales of the new flagship mobile until June 27 2k17.

Note: OnePlus has decided to open up an early order page where fans can be the first to get their OnePlus 5 before the official launch date.

But You can order now and be among the first in the world to have a OnePlus 5.

Just follow below steps to buy OnePlus 5.

Visit the OnePlus "early drop" page at the box, enter code Clearer Photos and hit "Go"
Choose 6GB/64GB ($479) or 8GB/128GB ($539) modelConfirm your payment details.
You need to be quick here, If you don't submit an order in time before the very real possibility that OnePlus sells out of its first batch. One more option we have to buy the OnePlus 5 go t…

Google Maps v9.55 With New Notification Channels & Offline Maps for Whole Countries

The Google Maps Received the new update with some new features and enhancements, especially for Android O users. Below are the full change-log of this update.

What's New?

Notification channels for Android O

The new changes are only for the Android O users. Below details we found from the AndroidPolice.

Apps with notification channels are popping up left and right, and after the teardown of Maps v9.54 included a header title for "other" notifications, it was a pretty obvious they would be turning up here too. If you're running Android O, you can head over the notification settings and look through each channel to customize its importance, sounds, vibrations, and whatever else suits it.

We are still doing the research on this update to explore the new changes of this update. Keep visiting us.

Go through the below link to download the APK file of this update

Google Maps v9.55

Twitter v7.0 is Live with new Cool Rounded UI, Live Reply, Reply Counters & More

Twitter is v7.0 is officialy live with new rounded UI and the most important smart live reply, live retweet and reply counter feature. Find out the fist look of the new UI below and also find the link to download this update.

What's New?/Screenshots:
New Rounded User InterfaceQuick/Live Tweet ReplyLive Retweet OptionRetweet Counters All above features was server-side from last 2 week, the developers have released it for all today. Below is the screenshots of the new UI. The new UI have more rounded elements in the app. Most of the buttons are now round and sharp. The developers replaced the floating standard plus action button with quill pen icon. The Profile photo is also now rounded and they replaced all the icons with wire-frame.

We also found some noticeable changes in the app functionality. The developers has added Live counters for retweets, likes and replies.

Click on the below link to download the Twitter v7.0 APK File

Twitter v7.0 APK

Gmail v7.6 APK Update with New Improvement in Smart Reply : Download APK [Quick Post]

Gmail Android got the new update with new smart reply feature and more new enhancements. Find the full hands-on of this update below.

What's New?
Save time with Smart ReplyBug FixesPerformance Improvement Gmail got easier and quick smart reply feature update. You can reply on any email with the three simple options to start your response and hit send when done.

Below is the screenshot of the smart reply below.

Go Through the below link to download the APK file

Gmail v7.6 APK

Nova Launcher Gets Google Now Integration: Download Now, All Device Supported : Nova Launcher v5.7 APK

Exclusive update for all Android users. Nova launcher now has the Google Now Integration in the app. Get the APK file and also find the details and screenshots of this update below.

What's New? Change-log or Hands-on:

As we all know that Nova Launcher is the Most popular Android launcher app with its customized and its user friendly design. However, the users always waiting for one feature "Google Now Integration" in the Nova Launcher is finally here to enjoy. The developers have finally added the long-awaited Google Now functionality in the app.

Google Now App Features:

Google App used to grand apps permission use the Now paneYou can't move the app without the root access.
Google app now checks if the client app is debuggable and not the Google app itself, third-party apps such as Nova Launcher can now utilize the API so long as the client is debuggable.(AndroidPolice)
The Nova Launcher developers launched the other companion app called Nova Google Companion which will…

Google Photos v2.17 APK Update With new Archive Photos Option

The Google Photos app got the new v2.17 APK update for all Android 4+ devices. The new version is loaded with the bunch of new features which will enhance the app experience. Find out the full change-log and the other details of this update below.

What's New?

Below are the change-log of this update, which I found from APKmirror.

Archive photos Feature

• Hide photos from your main photos view, like receipts, screenshots, and notes
• Archived photos are still visible in search, albums, and in the new Archive view

The New archive photos feature will hide your photo from everywhere, even from the main photo view.

Go through the below link to download the APK File of this update:

Google Photos v2.17 APK 

Google Play Services v11.0.56 With Performance Improvements & New API Changes [Quick Post]

Google Play Services got a new update with new API changes and Improvement in performance. Do find the full details of this update below.

What's New?

Performance Improvements
Bug FixesAPI changes
Above change-log, we found from APKMirror.

We are doing research on this update to find the full details of this update, will update this post soon.

Click on the below link to download the APK File

Google Play Services v11.0.56

GBoard v6.3 Beta APK Update with New Search Interface and Drawing Search Emoji Feature

Download the Latest Gboard v6.3 beta APK update. The developers have released this update today with cool new search interface and drawing search Emoji option. So now you send an emoji simply by drawing it.

Below are the Change-log of this update:
New search interface with cardsTweaked "share" and new "open" button on search cardsSearch for emoji by drawingFaster GIF searching It's very easy to search from the Gboard app. The developers added dedicated share button with the list of scalable cards. If it's a GIF you're after, there's a toggle at the bottom of the keyboard after searching that instantly flips over to matching GIFs.

Below are the preview of the new new drawing emoji feature.

With the new update you can simply get your favorite emoji by drawing it. Simply just tap on the pencil icon which you can find at the search box and start drawing the Emoji.

Come back for more info for this update we'll continue pocking around if more changes we…

Get Android O Design Clock with Android O Features: All Device Supported

Google Clock got the new update with new Android O style makeover and features. The app is updated to v5.1 with inbuilt features of Android O. Do all the details below.

What's New?
Android O App designAndroid O FeaturesAndroid O App icon The Android Clock app got the Android O design and feature touch. Google has revamped the app icon and full app design. Below is the new Google clock app icon.

Google Clock new App icon:

Change in App icon is the first noticeable change we found in the today's update. Below is the new app interface and features details.

In the app the default purple background color has been replaced with vibrant blue in this update. The bottom right third is also not shaded more. Below is the screenshot of the main screen of the app.

The developer made big changes in the app design, They replaced the main color with blue-ish shade of very dark gray, which is almost like a black.

The developers also made few changes in the secondary location time screen. Do ch…

Get Android O Design & Feature by Downloading this Pixel Launcher Update : All Phone Supported

Pixel Launcher got New Design & New Shortcuts Feature from Android O in today's update.

The Google pixel Android app got a new update with Android O features and Android O design. Do find the full feature and change-log of this update below.

What's New? Change-log?

• Android O Design
• Android O Shortcuts Features: Shortcuts on long-press of supporting apps
• The weather appears in the top right corner for your current location
• Visual refresh of wallpaper picker
• New circular folder presentation
• Long press menu for icons to show "Widgets" and "App info"

Above change-log we found from APKMirror.

Below are the screenshots of the new version.

It seems Android O has lots of design options to play with. As you can see in the above screenshot, we have 5 options to choose from to change the icon shape. We have chosen Teardrop option which you can seen in the right side screenshot. It's look more like a chat bubble.

Go through the link below to downloa…

Android O Feature Highlight: Notifications Bar Media Control Got New Makeover

Android O feature spotlight The ongoing media notification will be colored based on album art and thumbnails. Do check the screenshot of this feature below.

Below are the full screen shots and features details of Android O.

Above screenshots we have taken from Android O third developer preview. We found that developers, themed rich media notifications based on album art/ video thumbnails.

It's clearly appears that Google has used pastel/muted colors to showcase the media notifications.

Else, the thumbnail is now fading into the notification. Which is similarly like minor visual effect.

Overall, you will see the attractive notifications from music apps in cool pastel colors.

Stay Tuned!! For More Android O Updates.

Google Play Services v11 With New SMS Verification API Changes

Google has released Play Services v11 with new API changes for smooth SMS verification and several significant additions and deprecation. As promised Google is now delivering the updates with new features. Google has released the notes for the update which include lots of new changes in the app.

The most useful change which catch the interest in this update is a new API changes in the app which allow apps to perform SMS verification more easily.

Below are the full change-log of this Google Play Services V11.
SmsRetriever API is the SMS verification API mentioned above. It allows apps to listen for incoming SMS messages intended for them without asking users for permission to read all of their messages. This means phone number verifications can be entirely seamless with no authorization dialogs or manual steps to copy a code from a text message. It works by giving a unique hash to apps so they can pass it back to the developer's server. That hash should then be sent via SMS to the …

Nova Launcher Updated v5.2 With Notification dots & Round Search Bar

Nova Launcher v5.2 Apk Update is live for all to download with some cool new features. New Nova version comes with minor visual changes with performance improvements and bug fixes also.

The Developers have given an Android O Design touch in the app with this update. Below are the full change-log of this update.

What's New?

Dots! Android O style notification badgesRound search bar stylePerformance improvementsMinor fixes for Android O
Above change-log, we found from AndroidPolice. 

Below is the screenshot of new Android O like, round search bar.

The new update will ask you for the access for dots once you install the update. Android O have this feature which will let you know that the particular app has pending notifications. This feature will also let you see the notifications with a long-press on the icons.

The feature is live on the latest version Go to the below link to download the apk file

Nova Launcher v5.2 APK

OnePlus 5 is Here : First Look of the OnePlus 5 is here

Exclusive OnePlus 5 original photos have been leaked. Check out the first look and leaked specifications of the OnePlus 5 flagship mobile.

Below is the original look of OnePlus 5 which is coming on June 20th, Do find the specs and launch event details here.

As I said in the previous post of OnePlus 5 will have the high end camera. In above image you can see that the phone have dual camera for better quality.

Other specs are remain scant at this time, Keep in touch with us for more updates for OnePlus 5.

OnePlus 5 launch Event Page.

OnePlus 5 Five Release Date is Confirmed : Official Specs and Price Details

OnePlus is coming with the new Flagship model in the market with more advance features and specifications. Do find out he all details like Release date, specifications, design and price of OnePlus 5 Five.

Release Date:

The company confirmed the launch date of the phone today, its' 20th June 2017, 12PM Eastern. So we don't need to wait more for it.

Here is the official announcement latter of OnePlus 5.
Ever since we dropped the news that the OnePlus 5 is on its way, we’ve been bombarded with questions. When are you launching the new phone? Where can I buy it? Does it have *insert feature*? We’re excited to announce that we’ll be sharing the answers to these and other questions soon.
Join us live at 12:00 PM EDT on June 20 for the exclusive online reveal of the OnePlus 5. During our official keynote, we’ll talk at length about what makes the OnePlus 5 special. But, the celebrations don’t end there! Following our keynote, we hope to see you at our pop-up events around t…

Get Search Suggestion Filter in Play Store : All Android Device Supported, Download Now!!

Google rolling out Google Image search like suggestion search filter option in Play Store for all. Do find the link below of the updated Play Store version to get this feature now on your phone as it's supported for all Android devices.

What is Suggested Search Filter?

The search Suggestion option is now live for all, it will help you find the exact things on the play store in easy step without even typing.

Just do search and Play Store search bar will provide you the suggestions related to your search query.

You will see the search Suggestion with the green background. It will not going to change your search term but by tapping on the suggestion the search results will be filtered down to the exact match terms.

Below are the Screenshots of the search suggestion filter option.

It's live for all now you can also get it by simply downloading the latest Play Store update.

Go to the below link to download the Latest Play Store Version.

Play Store v7.8.74 Apk

Source : AndroidPolice

Google+ Updated to v9.13 With Performance Enhancement and Bug Fixes

Google plus got a new update for Android users. The app got the performance improvements and functionality updating. Do find the full details of this update in below post.

What's New?
Performance ImprovementBug Fixes and Minor Design change The app got the new update with app functionality improvements and app performance enhancement. Nothing else, we found in this update. Below are the app details of this update.

App info:

APK File Size: 23.24 MB (24,370,704 bytes)Supported OS: Min: Android 4.4 (Kitkat, API 19)Target: Android 6.0 (Marshmallow, API 23)Link to download the APK File

Google + v9.13 APK

Google Allo Got Full Screen Video Mode with New v12.0.23 Apk Update

Google Allo got the new update today with full screen video mode, bug fixes and performance improvements. Do find the full details of this update below.

What's New?

Below are the official change-log of Allo v12.0.23 Apk update.

• Full-screen videos: Watch videos in full screen mode, right in chat.
• Bug fixes: Performance improvements for a better chatting experience.

Allo will give you the full screen video experience. Allo is the growing social chatting app with the inbuilt Google assistant. The update brings above new features and updated to v12.0.023_RC12. You can update the app directly from the Play Store of you can download the APK file of this update from the link at the end of the post.

This update will allow users to manage the device. And also let you set reminders and will also let you use weather feature. It's most integrated chat app for Android device.

Go to below link to download the APK file

Google Allo v12.0.023_RC12

Gboard got new v6.3 Update with Suggestions for Google App & More

The Gboard Keyboard app updated to v6.3 with new advanced features. The app got an in-built search suggestion feature for Google app and widgets. Find out all the features of this update below.

What's New?
Google Search app suggestions and minor improvements in the suggestion features.Bug FixesSpeed and Performance improvements
In the previous version of the Gboard, Suggestion bar was disappearing when you search for anything. Google fixed that and also added suggestion feature for Google search app which will help you to search easily.

Move ahead and download this update from below link

Gboard APK to Download v6.3 

Google Photos Got Camera Shortcut and More New Feature with new Photos 2.16 Version

Google photos updated to new smarter version. The app is upgraded to v2.16. The app got camera shortcut and new archive option for suggested photos. Find the full details of this update below.

What's New? Change-log?

Improvements to the Camera Shortcut : The shortcut option has been improved in this update with some new useful features. Developers added a little floating thumbnail of photos to open it quickly.Suggesting photos to archive: Google added new card with the suggestion to review your photos at the assistant tab.Shared LibrariesAustin's Mystery Feature is Still thereLaunch directly to AlbumsElse, also found bug fixes in the app with this update. Below is the link to download this update on your phone:

Google Photos v2.16 APK to Download