Google + Turns Six Year Old Today: Let's Celebrate The Birthday Together

Google + Turns Six Year Old Today: Let's Celebrate The Birthday Together

Google's most popular Social Media App Google+ turns Six years old today. Six years is very long time in the Android world. We can say that now Google+ is mature enough to comes with new futuristic features. The app has been launched Today in 2011. But yet the app doesn't have the users like Facebook.

Most of the people use Google+ to leave a comment on YouTube. Still, G+ has retained a small (relative to other social networks) but dedicated user base over the years, and even became a core product in G Suite (Google's suite of products for enterprise use). That's not to say there haven't been growing pains - spam has become a serious problem in the past few months.

Download the Latest Update of Google+ from below link:

Google + APk Update to Download

We are very much active on Google+ today, Below is our link of the Google+ profiles and Google+ pages.

AndroidUpdater Google+


  1. Happy birthday to Google +
    Wishing long life to all.

  2. Really good to know about the Google+ birthday. I hope that Google will keep updating Google+ to add more functionalities so to make it better for people.
    Emma Charlotte |

    1. Yes. Emma we will keep updating u for the future updates here. Keep visiting ha and thanks for the comment.


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