Google Play Services 11.3.02 APK Update : Download APK Update Here

After Google Play Store v8.0.73 APK update, Google Play Services also got new update with new API changes and app performance enhancements. Know more in detail below.

Google Play Services got new stable update and updated to v11.3.02. We found some minor API changes and app features improvements for Play Games, Play Security and Play Music in today’s update.

Google already released new update of Google Play Games which you can download from here. So Today’s Play services app have improvement in the app features to match the Google Play Games new features compatibility. This update will manage the new features compatibility with your phone to give you the maximum high quality experience.

You can Get the APK File from the below link

Google Play Services v11.3.02 APK

This update is compatible with high end Android devices and Android TV only. Here is the List of High end Android Compatible Devices.


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